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ambient display

In Proceedings of UIST 1999
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The information percolator: ambient information display in a decorative object (p. 141-148)

In Proceedings of UIST 2004
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Interactive public ambient displays: transitioning from implicit to explicit, public to personal, interaction with multiple users (p. 137-146)

ambient information display in decorative object

In Proceedings of UIST 2001
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Aesthetic information collages: generating decorative displays that contain information (p. 141-150)

ambient interaction

In Proceedings of UIST 2009
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Bonfire: a nomadic system for hybrid laptop-tabletop interaction (p. 129-138)

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We present Bonfire, a self-contained mobile computing system that uses two laptop-mounted laser micro-projectors to project an interactive display space to either side of a laptop keyboard. Coupled with each micro-projector is a camera to enable hand gesture tracking, object recognition, and information transfer within the projected space. Thus, Bonfire is neither a pure laptop system nor a pure tabletop system, but an integration of the two into one new nomadic computing platform. This integration (1) enables observing the periphery and responding appropriately, e.g., to the casual placement of objects within its field of view, (2) enables integration between physical and digital objects via computer vision, (3) provides a horizontal surface in tandem with the usual vertical laptop display, allowing direct pointing and gestures, and (4) enlarges the input/output space to enrich existing applications. We describe Bonfire's architecture, and offer scenarios that highlight Bonfire's advantages. We also include lessons learned and insights for further development and use.