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UIST '09 - Adjunct Proceedings of the 22th annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

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Session: doctoral symposium

Supporting Reading Activities with Multi-Display Reading Devices

Supporting Designers in the Creation of Multi-Device User Interfaces

Leveraging Fingers for Natural Interaction with Direct-Touch Surfaces

Designing Personal Informatics Applications and Tools that Facilitate Monitoring of Behaviors

Towards Designing User Interfaces on Mobile Touch-screen Devices for People with Visual Impairment

TurKit: Tools for Iterative Tasks on Mechanical Turk

Using Your Brain for Human-Computer Interaction

A pen-centric system to support the design process on tangible media

Session: demos

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Daichi's Painting: Brushing Up Painting Skills with BrushDevice

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Weight-Shifting Mobiles: One-Dimensional Gravitational Displays in Mobile Phones

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Affect-Driven Emotional Expression with the Haptic Creature

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Vision-based Input Interface for Mobile Devices with High-speed Fingertip Tracking

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Touch-Display Keyboards and their Integration with Graphical User Interfaces

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Run Chicken Run: physical metaphor augmented Wearable movement-based interaction

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The Birdlime Icon: Improving Target Acquisition by Dynamically Stretching Target Shape

GliFlix: Using Movie Subtitles for Language Learning

Squeezing the Sandwich: A Mobile Pressure-Sensitive Two-Sided Multi-Touch Prototype

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A Toolkit for developing haptic interfaces - control dial based on electromagnetic brake

Session: posters

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SpikeNav: Using Stylus Tilt in Three-Dimensional Navigation

A Toolkit for Easy Development of Mobile Robot Applications with Visual Markers and a Ceiling Camera

Global Information Gatherer: Helping Students Manage Information

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VirtualThumb: One-Handed Multi-Touch Emulation Technique on Small Devices

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Mission Data Linking Using Web Paradigms

Crowdsourcing Interface for Collecting Correspondences of Web Pages

Epistemically Active Adaptive User Interfaces

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iCanDraw? : A Methodology for Using Assistive Sketch Recognition to Improve a User’s Drawing Ability

SWAT: Stateful Web Augmentation Toolkit

Improving the UI Design of Indoor Navigation Maps

"I feel so 1323 today: Capturing, Portraying, and Interpreting Well-being Online"

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Synchronized Video: An Interface for Harmonizing Video with Body Movements

What Would Other Programmers Do? Suggesting Solutions to Error Messages

Integrating Speech and Touch to Alleviate Screen Size and Input Constraints in Mobile Devices

Notes that Float: Applying content and context features to facilitate flexible reminding in notes-to-self

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