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hands-free interaction

In Proceedings of UIST 2007
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Blui: low-cost localized blowable user interfaces (p. 217-220)

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We describe a unique form of hands-free interaction that can be implemented on most commodity computing platforms. Our approach supports blowing at a laptop or computer screen to directly control certain interactive applications. Localization estimates are produced in real-time to determine where on the screen the person is blowing. Our approach relies solely on a single microphone, such as those already embedded in a standard laptop or one placed near a computer monitor, which makes our approach very cost-effective and easy-to-deploy. We show example interaction techniques that leverage this approach.

In Proceedings of UIST 2010
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Sensing foot gestures from the pocket (p. 199-208)

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Visually demanding interfaces on a mobile phone can diminish the user experience by monopolizing the user's attention when they are focusing on another task and impede accessibility for visually impaired users. Because mobile devices are often located in pockets when users are mobile, explicit foot movements can be defined as eyes-and-hands-free input gestures for interacting with the device. In this work, we study the human capability associated with performing foot-based interactions which involve lifting and rotation of the foot when pivoting on the toe and heel. Building upon these results, we then developed a system to learn and recognize foot gestures using a single commodity mobile phone placed in the user's pocket or in a holster on their hip. Our system uses acceleration data recorded by a built-in accelerometer on the mobile device and a machine learning approach to recognizing gestures. Through a lab study, we demonstrate that our system can classify ten different foot gestures at approximately 86% accuracy.