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future computing environment

In Proceedings of UIST 1997
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CyberDesk: a framework for providing self-integrating ubiquitous software services (p. 75-76)

future of user interface

In Proceedings of UIST 2008

Interactive viscosity (p. 1-2)

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When the Macintosh first made graphical user interfaces popular the notion of each person having their own computer was novel. Today's technology landscape is characterized by multiple computers per person many with far more capacity than that original Mac. The world of input devices, display devices and interactive techniques is far richer than those Macintosh days. Despite all of this diversity in possible interactions very few of these integrate well with each other. The monolithic isolated user interface architecture that characterized the Macintosh still dominates a great deal of today's personal computing. This talk will explore how possible ways to change that architecture so that information, interaction and communication flows more smoothly among our devices and those of our associates.