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Welcome to the complete archive of the ACM Symposium on
User Interface Software and Technology (UIST)

This web site gives you access to the complete set of UIST papers (full text access requires a subscription to the ACM Digital Library), to the UIST adjunct proceedings since 2002, and to all the videos published at UIST since 1995. You can browse the archive by year, by author, by keyword or by video. All the content is richly cross-linked and easily findable with a search engine.

This web site also contains the material created for and collected during the 20th anniversary celebration that took place in Newport in 2007: interviews of seven of the UIST pioneers, Interactive Thread sessions looking back into the past and forward into the future of UIST, and ZUIST, a zoomable interface to navigate the UIST archive.

The first version of this web site was created for the UIST 20th anniversary celebration and was distributed to the participants on DVD. We intend to keep this web site up to date by incorporating material from future conferences. Please contact us at if you find any problem or error or if you have additional material that should be included, in particular videos.

NEW (June 2011) - All the content for 2008, 2009 and 2010 has been added.

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