We wove an interactive thread through the UIST'07 conference, to encourage UIST attendees to reflect upon the past and future of interactive technologies. We staged two live events, at lunch on Monday and during the banquet on Tuesday evening. You can find on this page the material we put together, some photos of the events, and the material we collected.

Looking Towards the Past

In the first event, we asked UIST attendees to help us capture influential historical systems. Attendees posted their contributions on or next to the ten-foot UIST2.0 poster at the back of the conference room, which displayed a timeline of key events in the history of interactive systems.

UIST 2.0 Interactive ThreadUIST_2.0.html

Looking Towards the Future

In the second event, we asked UIST attendees to generate new ideas for the future. We distributed cards that showed images extracted from the UIST proceedings and asked the participants to brainstorm ideas with the other people at their table and write them down on the cards.