From April to July 2007, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon and Wendy Mackay interviewed seven "UIST pioneers" who were instrumental in getting the conference off the ground. Each hour-long interview was edited into a 10-minute video for the UIST2.0 DVD given to all UIST'07 attendees. These videos are available below, together with the 4-minute trailer, a quick overview of the interviews that was presented at the conference but not included on the DVD.

John Sibert was interviewed at Michel's and Wendy's house in Paris on April 21. Brad Myers, Jim Foley, Dan Olsen and Scott Hudson were interviewed (in that order) at CHI '07, in San Jose, between April 30 and May 3. Mark Green was interviewed at the University of Toronto on June 4, and Bill Buxton was interviewed in Toronto as well, on July 25, at his wife's Gallery 888. We thank them for their time and patience, as well as those who helped organize the interviews.

The interviews cover the history of the conference as well as the values of UIST and its community building role, they talk about the scientific and technical areas that have been addressed by UIST as well as the challenges that lie ahead, they also give a personal account of what has been first and foremost a human endeavor. We hope you will enjoy watching these interviews as much as we enjoyed making them and that they will inspire you in shaping the future of UIST.

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