The UIST Pinewood Derby

The UIST 2015 Banquet at the NASCAR Hall of Fame will feature a Pinewood Derby (#UISTRace)! Here is a video of a race: Our race will be fully featured, including electronic timing! We have several ways that you can participate in this fun event:

  • Create your own pinewood car and race your car at the banquet.
  • Create your own 3D printed car and race your car at the banquet.
  • Decorate and race a car that we provide at the banquet.

For those that want to make a car ahead of time we have some additional information. Pinewood cars and 3D printed cars will need to conform to standard Pinewood Derby Rules. Please follow the rules at this website: Additionally, to fit below the finish gate, the maximum height of the car (including decorations) is 4 and 7/8 inches. You are welcome to use any material you want for the car body. No combustion and only dry lubricants, please.

Remix the official UIST model!

If you want files to use as a starting guide to make a 3D printed car, have a look at the STL and Solid Works files below (No guarantee this design is good :-). We will not have any facilities at the conference or banquet for printing or altering cars, so please bring completed cars to the conference (or decorate the cars we provide). See you at UIST 2015!

Download Model