Best Paper Award

Best Paper
Foldio: Digital Fabrication of Interactive and Shape-Changing Objects With Foldable Printed Electronics
Simon Olberding, Sergio Soto Ortega, Klaus Hildebrandt, Jurgen Steimle
Orbits: Gaze Interaction for Smart Watches using Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements
Augusto Esteves, Eduardo Velloso, Andreas Bulling, Hans Gellersen
Webstrates: Shareable Dynamic Media
Clemens Klokmose, James Eagan, Siemen Baader, Wendy Mackay, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
Best Paper Nominees
Gaze-Shifting: Direct-Indirect Input with Pen and Touch Modulated by Gaze
Ken Pfeuffer, Jason Alexander, Ming Ki Chong, Yanxia Zhang, Hans Gellersen
GelTouch: Localized Tactile Feedback Through Thin, Programmable Gel
Viktor Miruchna, Robert Walter, David Lindlbauer, Maren Lehmann, Regine von Klitzing, Jorg Muller
uniMorph - Fabricating Thin Film Composites for Shape-Changing Interfaces
Felix Heibeck, Basheer Tome, Clark David Della Silva, Hiroshi Ishii

Best Talk Award

Best Talk
EM-Sense: Touch Recognition of Uninstrumented, Electrical and Electromechanical Objects
Gierad Laput Chouchang Yang Robert Xiao Alanson Sample Chris Harrison
Best Nominees
Tomo: Wearable, Low-Cost Electrical Impedance Tomography for Hand Gesture Recognition
Yang Zhang Chris Harrison
Impacto: Simulating Physical Impact by Combining Tactile Stimulation with Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Pedro Lopes Alexandra Ion Patrick Baudisch

Best Poster Award

1st Place
Prize: Nvidia Titan X GPU
TMotion: Embedded 3D Mobile Input using Magnetic Sensing Technique
Sang Ho Yoon, Ke Huo, Karthik Ramani
2nd Place
Prize: Google Tango Tablet Dev Kit
Color Sommelier: Interactive Color Recommendation System Based on Community-Generated Color Palettes
KyoungHee Son, Seo Young Oh, Yongkwan Kim, Hayan Choi, Seok-Hyung Bae, Ganguk Hwang
Honorable Mention
Prize: Wacom Bamboo Stylus Duo
Fix and Slide: Caret Navigation with Movable Background
Kenji Suzuki, Kazumasa Okabe, Ryuki Sakamoto, Daisuke Sakamoto

Best Demo Award

1st Place
Prize: Nvidia GTX 980 GPU
Scope+ : A Stereoscopic Video See-Through Augmented Reality Microscope
Yu-Hsuan Huang, Tzu-Chieh Yu, Pei-Hsuan Tsai, Yu-Xiang Wang, Wan-ling Yang, Ming Ouhyoung
2nd Place
Prize: Google Tango Tablet Dev Kit
BitDrones: Towards Levitating Programmable Matter Using Interactive 3D Quadcopter Displays
Calvin Rubens, Sean Braley, Antonio Gomes, Daniel Goc, Xujing Zhang, Juan Pablo Carrascal, Roel Vertegaal
Honorable Mention
Prize: Wacom Bamboo Stylus Duo
Protopiper: Physically Sketching Room-Sized Objects at Actual Scale
Harshit Agrawal, Udayan Umapathi, Robert Kovacs, Hsiang-Ting Chen, Johannes Frohnhofen, Stefanie Mueller, Patrick Baudisch

Student Innovation Contest Award

Best Hardware Innovation
Prize: $2500
Best Software Innovation
Prize: $2500
Webmaster of Puppets

Lasting Impact Award

Phidgets: Easy Development of Physical Interfaces through Physical Widgets (2001)
Saul Greenberg and Chester Fitchett