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UIST '07 - Adjunct Proceedings of the 20th annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

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Session: doctoral consortium

3D Tabletop Display Interaction

Informed Browsing: Scaling Up CoExperienced Access to Digital Media

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Exploiting Extra Spatial Information to Improve Everyday Graphical User Interface Operations

Projector-Based Location Discovery and Tracking

Interface and Infrastructure Design for Ubiquitous Penbased Interaction on Paper

Interactive Visual Prototyping of Computer Vision Applications

Visualizing, Editing, and Inferring Structure in 2D Graphics

Privacy Mechanisms for Context-Aware, Group-based Mobile Social Software

Session: demos

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Enhancing Document Navigation Tasks With a Dual-Display Electronic Reader

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A Demonstration of the OpenInterface Interaction Development Environment

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RealSound Interaction: A Novel Interaction Method Using Sound Events in Real World

LifeTag: A WiFibased Location LifeLogging Device

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Giornata: Re-Envisioning the Desktop Metaphor to Support Activities in Knowledge Work

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FlexibleBrush: A realistic brush stroke experience with a virtual nib

Session: posters

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Reflect: A Table for Self-Regulation in Face-to-Face Meetings

Pointer: Multiple Collocated Display Inputs Suggests New Models for Program Design and Debugging

PhotoPlay: A Collocated Collaborative Photo Tagging Game on a Horizontal Display

Human-Computer Interaction and Brain Measurement Using Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

DigiPost: Writing on Post-its with Digital Pen to Support Collaborative Editing Tasks on Tabletop Displays

Automatically Correcting Typing Errors for People with Motor Impairments

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A Visually Attractive Interaction Device Suitable for Living Spaces

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A System for Recognizing and Beautifying Low-level Sketch Shapes Using NDDE and DCR

Fisheye Keyboard: Whole Keyboard Displayed on Small Device

ShapeShift: A Projector-Guided Sculpture System

NARC: The News Article Revision Comparator

Using Shared Knowledge for Online Photo Access Control

Joint-Construction of Graphical Representations in a Collaborative Tabletop Environment