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Sunday, October 20, 2019


Doctoral symposium





Monday, October 21, 2019




Refreshment (Coffee & Snacks)


Opening Keynote: "How We Make Impact" by Elizabeth Gerber


Coffee Break


Technical Paper Session: Knitting, Weaving, Fabrics

KnitPicking Textures: Programming and Modifying Complex Knitted Textures for Machine and Hand Knitting
Megan Hofmann (Carnegie Mellon University), Lea Albaugh (Carnegie Mellon University), Ticha Sethapakdi (Carnegie Mellon University), Jessica Hodgins (Carnegie Mellon University), Scott Hudson (Carnegie Mellon University), James McCann (Carnegie Mellon University), Jennifer Mankoff (University of Washington)

SensorSnaps: Integrating Wireless Sensor Nodes into Fabric Snap Fasteners for Textile Interfaces
Artem Dementyev (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Tomás Vega Gálvez (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Alex Olwal (Google Inc.)

Tessutivo: Contextual Interactions on Interactive Fabrics with Inductive Sensing
Jun Gong (Dartmouth College), Yu Wu (University of Science and Technology of China & Dartmouth College), Lei Yan (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications & Dartmouth College), Teddy Seyed (University of Calgary), Xing-Dong Yang (Dartmouth College)

3D Printed Fabric: Techniques for Design and 3D Weaving Programmable Textiles
Haruki Takahashi (Meiji University), Jeeeun Kim (Texas A&M University)

Knitting Skeletons: A Computer-Aided Design Tool for Shaping and Patterning of Knitted Garments
Alexandre Kaspar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Liane Makatura (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Wojciech Matusik (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Technical Paper Session: Software and Hardware Development

Unakite: Scaffolding Developers’ Decision-Making Using the Web
Michael Xieyang Liu (Carnegie Mellon University), Jane Hsieh (Oberlin College), Nathan Hahn (Carnegie Mellon University), Angelina Zhou (Carnegie Mellon University), Emily Deng (Carnegie Mellon University), Shaun Burley (Carnegie Mellon University), Cynthia Taylor (Oberlin College), Aniket Kittur (Carnegie Mellon University), Brad Myers (Carnegie Mellon University)

Mercury: Empowering Programmers' Mobile Work Practices with Microproductivity
Alex Williams (University of Waterloo), Harmanpreet Kaur (University of Michigan), Shamsi Iqbal (Microsoft Research), Ryen White (Microsoft Research), Jaime Teevan (Microsoft Research), Adam Fourney (Microsoft Research)

X-Droid: A Quick and Easy Android Prototyping Framework with a Single-App Illusion
Donghwi Kim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Sooyoung Park (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Jihoon Ko (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Steven Ko (University at Buffalo, The State University of New York), Sung-Ju Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

CircuitStyle: A System for Peripherally Reinforcing Best Practices in Hardware Computing
Josh Davis (Dartmouth College), Jun Gong (Dartmouth College), Yunxin Sun (Tongji University & Dartmouth College), Parmit Chilana (Simon Fraser University), Xing-Dong Yang (Dartmouth College)

Proxino: Enabling Prototyping of Virtual Circuits with Physical Proxies
Te-Yen Wu (Dartmouth College), Jun Gong (Dartmouth College), Teddy Seyed (University of Calgary), Xing-Dong Yang (Dartmouth College)


Lunch Break


Technical Paper Session: Augmented and Mixed Reality

Portal-ble: Intuitive Free-hand Manipulation in Unbounded Smartphone-based Augmented Reality
Jing Qian (Brown University), Jiaju Ma (Brown University), Xiangyu Li (Southeast University), Benjamin Attal (Brown University), Haoming Lai (Brown University), James Tompkin (Brown University), John Hughes (Brown University), Jeff Huang (Brown University)

Context-Aware Online Adaptation of Mixed Reality Interfaces
David Lindlbauer (ETH Zurich), Anna Feit (ETH Zurich), Otmar Hilliges (ETH Zurich)

Loki: Facilitating Remote Instruction of Physical Tasks Using Bi-Directional Mixed-Reality Telepresence
Balasaravanan Thoravi Kumaravel (University of California, Berkeley & Autodesk Research), Fraser Anderson (Autodesk Research), George Fitzmaurice (Autodesk Research), Bjoern Hartmann (University of California, Berkeley), Tovi Grossman (University of Toronto & Autodesk Research)

InfoLED: Augmenting LED Indicator Lights for Device Positioning and Communication
Jackie Yang (Stanford University), James Landay (Stanford University)

LightAnchors: Appropriating Point Lights for Spatially-Anchored Augmented Reality Interfaces
Karan Ahuja (Carnegie Mellon University), Sujeath Pareddy (Carnegie Mellon University), Robert Xiao (University of British Columbia & Carnegie Mellon University), Mayank Goel (Carnegie Mellon University), Chris Harrison (Carnegie Mellon University)

Learning Cooperative Personalized Policies from Gaze Data
Christoph Gebhardt (ETH Zürich & Facebook Reality Labs), Brian Hecox (Facebook Reality Labs), Bas van Opheusden (Facebook Reality Labs & Princeton University), Daniel Wigdor (University of Toronto), James Hillis (Facebook Reality Labs), Otmar Hilliges (ETH Zurich), Hrvoje Benko (Facebook)

Technical Paper Session: Media Authoring

Sketchforme: Composing Sketched Scenes from Text Descriptions for Interactive Applications
Forrest Huang (University of California, Berkeley), John Canny (University of California, Berkeley)

Optimizing Portrait Lighting at Capture-Time Using a 360 Camera as a Light Probe
Jane E (Stanford University), Ohad Fried (Stanford University), Maneesh Agrawala (Stanford University)

Videostrates: Collaborative, Distributed and Programmable Video Manipulation
Clemens Klokmose (Aarhus University), Christian Remy (Aarhus University), Janus Bager Kristensen (Aarhus University), Rolf Bagge (Aarhus University), Michel Beaudouin-Lafon (Univ. Paris-Sud, CNRS, INRIA, Université Paris-Saclay), Wendy Mackay (Univ. Paris-Sud, CNRS, INRIA, Université Paris-Saclay)

View-Dependent Video Textures for 360° Video
Sean Liu (Stanford University), Maneesh Agrawala (Stanford University), Stephen DiVerdi (Adobe Research), Aaron Hertzmann (Adobe Research)

HairBrush for Immersive Data-Driven Hair Modeling
Jun Xing (Institute for Creative Technologies), Koki Nagano (Pinscreen), Weikai Chen (Institute for Creative Technologies), Haotian Xu (Wayne State University), Li-yi Wei (Adobe Research), Yajie Zhao (Institute for Creative Technologies), Jingwan Lu (Adobe Research), Byungmoon Kim (Adobe Research), Hao Li (Institute for Creative Technologies & Pinscreen)

Sketch-n-Sketch: Output-Directed Programming for SVG
Brian Hempel (University of Chicago), Justin Lubin (University of Chicago), Ravi Chugh (University of Chicago)


Coffee Break


Technical Paper Session: Soft, Silky, Stretchy

Self-healing UI: Mechanically and Electrically Self-healing Materials for Sensing and Actuation Interfaces
Koya Narumi (Carnegie Mellon University & The University of Tokyo), Fang Qin (Carnegie Mellon University), Siyuan Liu (Carnegie Mellon University), Huai-Yu Cheng (Carnegie Mellon University), Jianzhe Gu (Carnegie Mellon University), Yoshihiro Kawahara (The University of Tokyo), Mohammad Islam (Materials Science and Engineering), Lining Yao (Carnegie Mellon University)

Skin-On Interfaces: A Bio-Driven Approach for Artificial Skin Design to Cover Interactive Devices
Marc Teyssier (Institut Polytechnique de Paris), Gilles Bailly (CNRS, ISIR), Catherine Pelachaud (CNRS, ISIR), Eric Lecolinet ( Institut Polytechnique de Paris), Andrew Conn (University of Bristol), Anne Roudaut (University of Bristol)

M-Hair: Creating Novel Tactile Feedback by Augmenting the Body Hair to Respond to Magnetic Field
Roger Boldu (Auckland Bioengineering Institute, The University of Auckland), Sambhav Jain (Auckland Bioengineering Institute, The University of Auckland), Juan Pablo Forero Cortes (Auckland Bioengineering Institute, The University of Auckland), Haimo Zhang (Auckland Bioengineering Institute, The University of Auckland), Suranga Nanayakkara (Auckland Bioengineering Institute, The University of Auckland)

Morphlour: Personalized Flour-based Morphing Food Induced by Dehydration or Hydration Method
Ye Tao (Zhejiang University & Carnegie Mellon University), Youngwook Do (Georgia Institute of Technology & Carnegie Mellon University), Humphrey Yang (Carnegie Mellon University), Yi-Chin Lee (Carnegie Mellon University), Guanyun Wang (Carnegie Mellon University), Catherine Mondoa (Carnegie Mellon University), Jianxun Cui (Carnegie Mellon University & University of Wisconsin), Wen Wang (Carnegie Mellon University), Lining Yao (Carnegie Mellon University)

Soft Inkjet Circuits: Rapid Multi-Material Fabrication of Soft Circuits using a Commodity Inkjet Printer
Arshad Khan (Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus & INM - Leibniz Institute for New Materials), Joan Sol Roo (Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus & Inria), Tobias Kraus (INM - Leibniz Institute for New Materials & Saarland University), Jürgen Steimle (Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus)

Technical Paper Session: Accessibility

Supporting Elder Connectedness through Cognitively Sustainable Design Interactions with the Memory Music Box
Rebecca Kleinberger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Alexandra Rieger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Janelle Sands (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Janet Baker (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

StateLens: A Reverse Engineering Solution for Making Existing Dynamic Touchscreens Accessible
Anhong Guo (Carnegie Mellon University), Junhan Kong (Carnegie Mellon University), Michael Rivera (Carnegie Mellon University), Frank Xu (Carnegie Mellon University), Jeffrey Bigham (Carnegie Mellon University)

Designing AR Visualizations to Facilitate Stair Navigation for People with Low Vision
Yuhang Zhao (Cornell Tech), Elizabeth Kupferstein (Cornell Tech), Brenda Castro (Cornell Tech), Steven Feiner (Columbia University), Shiri Azenkot (Cornell Tech)

GesturePod: Enabling On-device Gesture-based Interaction for White Cane Users
Shishir Patil (Microsoft Research India), Don Dennis (Microsoft Research India), Chirag Pabbaraju (Microsoft Research India), Nadeem Shaheer (Microsoft Research India), Harsha Vardhan Simhadri (Microsoft Research India), Vivek Seshadri (Microsoft Research India), Manik Varma (Microsoft Research India), Prateek Jain (Microsoft Research India)

From 18:00

Demo Reception

Tuesday, October 22, 2019




Refreshment (Coffee & Snacks)


Technical Paper Session: VR Headsets

FaceWidgets: Exploring Tangible Interaction on Face with Head-Mounted Displays
Wen-Jie Tseng (National Chiao Tung University), Li-Yang Wang (National Chiao Tung University), Liwei Chan (National Chiao Tung University)

ElastImpact: 2.5D Multilevel Instant Impact Using Elasticity on Head-Mounted Displays
Hsin-Ruey Tsai (National Taiwan University & National Chengchi University), Bing-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University)

Masque: Exploring Lateral Skin Stretch Feedback on the Face with Head-Mounted Displays
Chi Wang (National Chiao Tung University & National Taiwan University), Da-Yuan Huang (National Chiao Tung University), Shuo-wen Hsu (National Chiao Tung University), Chu-En Hou (National Chiao Tung University ), Yeu-Luen Chiu (National Chiao Tung University ), Ruei-Che Chang (National Chiao Tung University), Jo-Yu Lo (National Chiao Tung University), Bing-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University)

MeCap: Whole-Body Digitization for Low-Cost VR/AR Headsets
Karan Ahuja (Carnegie Mellon University), Chris Harrison (Carnegie Mellon University), Mayank Goel (Carnegie Mellon University), Robert Xiao (Carnegie Mellon University)

MagicalHands: Mid-Air Hand Gestures for Animating in VR
Rahul Arora (University of Toronto), Rubaiat Kazi (Adobe Research), Danny Kaufman (Adobe Research), Wilmot Li (Adobe Research), Karan Singh (University of Toronto)

Technical Paper Session: Human-Robot Interaction

Bodystorming Human-Robot Interactions
David Porfirio (University of Wisconsin–Madison), Evan Fisher (University of Wisconsin–La Crosse), Allison Sauppé (University of Wisconsin–La Crosse), Aws Albarghouthi (University of Wisconsin–Madison), Bilge Mutlu (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

ShapeBots: Shape-changing Swarm Robots
Ryo Suzuki (University of Colorado Boulder), Clement Zheng (University of Colorado Boulder), Yasuaki Kakehi (The University of Tokyo), Tom Yeh (University of Colorado Boulder), Ellen Yi-Luen Do (University of Colorado Boulder), Mark Gross (University of Colorado Boulder), Daniel Leithinger (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Third-Person Piloting: Increasing Situational Awareness using a Spatially Coupled Second Drone
Ryotaro Temma (Tohoku University), Kazuki Takashima (Tohoku University), Kazuyuki Fujita (Tohoku University), Koh Sueda (National University of Singapore), Yoshifumi Kitamura (Tohoku University)

GhostAR: A Time-space Editor for Embodied Authoring of Human-Robot Collaborative Task with Augmented Reality
Yuanzhi Cao (Purdue University), Tianyi Wang (Purdue University), Xun Qian (Purdue University), Pawan Rao (Purude University), Manav Wadhawan (Purdue University), Ke Huo (Purdue University), Karthik Ramani (Purdue University)

A 3D Printer Head as a Robotic Manipulator
Shohei Katakura (Meiji University), Yuto Kuroki (Meiji University), Keita Watanabe (Meiji University)


Coffee Break


Technical Paper Session: Statistics and Interactive Machine Learning

Is this Real? Generating Synthetic Data that Looks Real
Miro Mannino (New York University Abu Dhabi), Azza Abouzied (New York University Abu Dhabi)

Bespoke: Interactively Synthesizing Custom GUIs from Command-Line Applications By Demonstration
Priyan Vaithilingam (University of California, San Diego), Philip Guo (University of California, San Diego)

PUMICE: A Multi-Modal Agent that Learns Concepts and Conditionals from Natural Language and Demonstrations
Toby Li (Carnegie Mellon University), Marissa Radensky (Amherst College), Justin Jia (Carnegie Mellon University), Kirielle Singarajah (Carnegie Mellon University), Tom Mitchell (Carnegie Mellon University), Brad Myers (Carnegie Mellon University)

Tea: A High-level Language and Runtime System for Automating Statistical Analysis
Eunice Jun (University of Washington), Maureen Daum (University of Washington), Jared Roesch (University of Washington), Sarah Chasins (University of California, Berkeley), Emery Berger (University of Massachusetts Amherst & Microsoft Research), Rene Just (University of Washington), Katharina Reinecke (University of Washington)

Mallard: Turn the Web into a Contextualized Prototyping Environment for Machine Learning
Xiong Zhang (University of Rochester), Philip Guo (University of California, San Diego)

Technical Paper Session: Physical Displays

BubBowl: Display Vessel Using Electrolysis Bubbles in Drinkable Beverages
Ayaka Ishii (Ochanomizu University), Itiro Siio (Ochanomizu University)

Interactive 360-Degree Glasses-Free Tabletop 3D Display
Motohiro Makiguchi (NTT Corporation), Daisuke Sakamoto (Hokkaido University), Hideaki Takada (NTT Corporation), Kengo Honda (Hokkaido University), Tetsuo Ono (Hokkaido University)

TilePoP: Tile-type Pop-up Prop for Virtual Reality
Shan-Yuan Teng (National Taiwan University & University of Chicago), Cheng-Lung Lin (National Chiao Tung University), Chi-huan Chiang (National Taiwan University), Tzu-Sheng Kuo (National Taiwan University & Stanford University), Liwei Chan (National Chiao Tung University), Da-Yuan Huang (National Chiao Tung University), Bing-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University)

LeviProps: Animating Levitated Optimized Fabric Structures using Holographic Acoustic Tweezers
Rafael Morales (University of Sussex), Asier Marzo (Universidad Pública de Navarra), Sriram Subramanian (University of Sussex), Diego Martínez (University of Sussex)

milliMorph -- Fluid-Driven Thin Film Shape-Change Materials for Interaction Design
Qiuyu Lu (Tsinghua University), Jifei Ou (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), João Wilbert (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), André Haben (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Haipeng Mi (Tsinghua University), Hiroshi Ishii (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Lunch Break


Technical Paper Session: Fabrication

Robiot: A Design Tool for Actuating Everyday Objects with Automatically Generated 3D Printable Mechanisms
Jiahao Li (University of California, Los Angeles), Jeeeun Kim (Texas A&M University), Xiang 'Anthony' Chen (University of California, Los Angeles)

StackMold: Rapid Prototyping of Functional Multi-Material Objects with Selective Levels of Surface Details
Tom Valkeneers (Hasselt University - tUL- Flanders Make), Danny Leen (KULeuven), Daniel Ashbrook (University of Copenhagen), Raf Ramakers (Hasselt University - tUL- Flanders Make)

Photo-Chromeleon: Re-Programmable Multi-Color Textures Using Photochromic Dyes
Yuhua Jin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Isabel Qamar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Michael Wessely (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Aradhana Adhikari (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Katarina Bulovic (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Parinya Punpongsanon (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Stefanie Mueller (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Turn-by-Wire: Computationally Mediated Physical Fabrication
Rundong Tian (University of California, Berkeley & Siemens Corporate Technology), Vedant Saran (University of California, Berkeley), Mareike Kritzler (Siemens Corporate Technology), Florian Michahelles (Siemens Corporate Technology), Eric Paulos (University of California, Berkeley)

SpringFit: Joints and Mounts that Fabricate on Any Laser Cutter
Thijs Roumen (Hasso Plattner Institute at University of Potsdam), Jotaro Shigeyama (Hasso Plattner Institute at University of Potsdam), Julius Rudolph (Hasso Plattner Institute at University of Potsdam), Felix Grzelka (Hasso Plattner Institute at University of Potsdam), Patrick Baudisch (Hasso Plattner Institute at University of Potsdam)

Ondulé: Designing and Controlling 3D Printable Springs
Liang He (University of Washington), Huaishu Peng (University of Maryland), Michelle Lin (University of Washington), Ravikanth Konjeti (University of Washington), François Guimbretiere (Cornell University), Jon Froehlich (University of Washington)

Technical Paper Session: Haptics and Illusions

SWISH: A Shifting-Weight Interface of Simulated Hydrodynamics for Haptic Perception of Virtual Fluid Vessels
Shahabedin Sagheb (Arizona State University), Frank Liu (Arizona State University), Alireza Bahremand (Arizona State University), Assegid Kidane (Arizona State University), Robert LiKamWa (Arizona State University)

Aero-plane: A Handheld Force-Feedback Device that Renders Weight Motion Illusion on a Virtual 2D Plane
Seungwoo Je (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Myung Jin Kim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Woojin Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Byungjoo Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Xing-Dong Yang (Dartmouth College), Pedro Lopes (University of Chicago), Andrea Bianchi (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Mise-Unseen: Using Eye Tracking to Hide Virtual Reality Scene Changes in Plain Sight
Sebastian Marwecki (Microsoft Research & Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam), Andrew Wilson (Microsoft Research), Eyal Ofek (Microsoft Research), Mar Gonzalez Franco (Microsoft Research), Christian Holz (Microsoft Research)

Pull-Ups: Enhancing Suspension Activities in Virtual Reality with Body-Scale Kinesthetic Force Feedback
Yuan-Syun Ye (National Chiao Tung University), Hsin-Yu Chen (National Chiao Tung University), Liwei Chan (National Chiao Tung University)

PseudoBend: Producing Haptic Illusions of Stretching, Bending, and Twisting Using Grain Vibrations
Seongkook Heo (University of Toronto), Jaeyeon Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Daniel Wigdor (University of Toronto)

CapstanCrunch: A Haptic VR Controller with User-supplied Force Feedback
Mike Sinclair (Microsoft Research), Eyal Ofek (Microsoft Research), Mar Gonzalez-Franco (Microsoft Research), Christian Holz (Microsoft Research)


Coffee Break and Poster Session


UIST Visions

From 19:00

Conference Reception

Wednesday, October 23, 2019




Refreshment (Coffee & Snacks)


Technical Paper Session: Text

Beyond the Input Stream: Making Text Entry Evaluations More Flexible with Transcription Sequences
Mingrui Zhang (University of Washington), Jacob Wobbrock (University of Washington)

Type, Then Correct: Intelligent Text Correction Techniques for Mobile Text Entry Using Neural Networks
Mingrui Zhang (University of Washington), He Wen (Carnegie Mellon University), Jacob Wobbrock (University of Washington)

Gaze-Assisted Typing for Smart Glasses
Sunggeun Ahn (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Geehyuk Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

SpaceInk: Making Space for In-Context Annotations
Hugo Romat (Univ. Paris-Sud, CNRS, INRIA, Université Paris-Saclay & TecKnowMetrix), Emmanuel Pietriga (Univ. Paris-Sud, CNRS, INRIA, Université Paris-Saclay), Nathalie Henry-Riche (Microsoft Research), Ken Hinckley (Microsoft Research), Caroline Appert (Univ. Paris-Sud, CNRS, INRIA, Université Paris-Saclay)

TipText: Eyes-Free Text Entry on a Fingertip Keyboard
Zheer Xu (Dartmouth College), Pui Chung Wong (Dartmouth College & City University of Hong Kong), Jun Gong (Dartmouth College), Te-Yen Wu (Dartmouth College), Aditya Nittala (Saarland University), Xiaojun Bi (Stony Brook University), Jürgen Steimle (Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus), Hongbo Fu (City University of Hong Kong), Kening Zhu (City University of Hong Kong), Xing-Dong Yang (Dartmouth College)

Technical Paper Session: Haptics

SCALE: Enhancing Force-based Interaction by Processing Load Data from Load Sensitive Modules
Takatoshi Yoshida (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Xiaoyan Shen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Koichi Yoshino (TOPPAN Printing Co.), Ken Nakagaki (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Hiroshi Ishii (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Virtual Muscle Force: Communicating Kinesthetic Forces Through Pseudo-Haptic Feedback and Muscle Input
Michael Rietzler (Ulm University), Gabriel Haas (Ulm University), Thomas Dreja (Ulm University), Florian Geiselhart (Ulm University), Enrico Rukzio (University of Ulm)

Tactlets: Adding Tactile Feedback to 3D Objects Using Custom Printed Controls
Daniel Groeger (Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus), Martin Feick (Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus), Anusha Withana (The University of Sydney), Jürgen Steimle (Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus)

Mantis: A Scalable, Lightweight and Accessible Architecture to Build Multiform Force Feedback Systems
Gareth Barnaby (University of Bristol), Anne Roudaut (University of Bristol)

HapSense: A Soft Haptic I/O Device with Uninterrupted Dual Functionalities of Force Sensing and Vibrotactile Actuation
Sang Ho Yoon (Microsoft Corporation), Siyuan Ma (Microsoft Corporation), Woo Suk Lee (Microsoft Corporation), Shantanu Thakurdesai (Microsoft), Di Sun (Microsoft Corporation & University of Washington), Flávio Ribeiro (Microsoft Corporation), James Holbery (Microsoft Corporation)


Coffee Break


Technical Paper Session: Sensing

Opisthenar: Hand Poses and Finger Tapping Recognition by Observing Back of Hand Using Embedded Wrist Camera
Hui-Shyong Yeo (University of St Andrews), Erwin Wu (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Juyoung Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Aaron Quigley (University of St Andrews), Hideki Koike (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Sozu: Self-Powered Radio Tags for Building-Scale Activity Sensing
Yang Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University), Yasha Iravantchi (Carnegie Mellon University), Haojian Jin (Carnegie Mellon University), Swarun Kumar (Carnegie Mellon University), Chris Harrison (Carnegie Mellon University)

LabelAR: A Spatial Guidance Interface for Fast Computer Vision Image Collection
Michael Laielli (University of California, Berkeley), James Smith (University of California, Berkeley), Giscard Biamby (University of California, Berkeley), Trevor Darrell (University of California, Berkeley), Bjoern Hartmann (University of California, Berkeley)

RFTouchPads: Batteryless and Wireless Modular Touch Sensor Pads Based on RFID
Meng-Ju Hsieh (National Taiwan University), Jr-Ling Guo (National Taiwan University), Chin-Yuan Lu (National Taiwan University), Han-Wei Hsieh (National Taiwan University), Rong-Hao Liang (Eindhoven University of Technology), Bing-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University)

PrivateTalk: Activating Voice Input with Hand-On-Mouth Gesture Detected by Bluetooth Earphones
Yukang Yan (Tsinghua University), Chun Yu (Tsinghua University & Ministry of Education), Yingtian Shi (Tsinghua University), Minxing Xie (Zhejiang University)

Technical Paper Session: Touch Input

Ohmic-Sticker: Force-to-Motion Type Input Device that Extends Capacitive Touch Surface
Kaori Ikematsu (Microsoft Research & Ochanomizu University), Masaaki Fukumoto (Microsoft Research), Itiro Siio (Ochanomizu University)

Modeling the Uncertainty in 2D Moving Target Selection
Jin Huang (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Feng Tian (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Nianlong Li (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Xiangmin Fan (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Tip-Tap: Battery-free Discrete 2D Fingertip Input
Keiko Katsuragawa (National Research Council Canada & University of Waterloo), Ju Wang (University of Waterloo), Ziyang Shan (University of Waterloo), Ningshan Ouyang (University of Waterloo), Omid Abari (University of Waterloo), Daniel Vogel (University of Waterloo)

Accurate and Low-Latency Sensing of Touch Contact on Any Surface with Finger-Worn IMU Sensor
Yizheng Gu (Ministry of Education & Tsinghua University), Chun Yu (Tsinghua University), Zhipeng Li (Tsinghua University), Weiqi Li (Tsinghua University), Shuchang Xu (Ministry of Education & Tsinghua University), Xiaoying Wei (Ministry of Education & Tsinghua University), Yuanchun Shi (Ministry of Education & Tsinghua University)

Multi-Touch Kit: A Do-It-Yourself Technique for Capacitive Multi-Touch Sensing Using a Commodity Microcontroller
Narjes Pourjafarian (Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus), Anusha Withana (The University of Sydney), Joseph Paradiso (MIT Media Lab), Jürgen Steimle (Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus)


Lunch Break


Town Hall


Technical Paper Session: Walking, Jumping, Roaming

Redirected Jumping: Perceptual Detection Rates for Curvature Gains
Sungchul Jung (University of Canterbury), Christoph Borst (University of Louisiana at Lafayette), Simon Hoermann (University of Canterbury), Robert Lindeman (University of Canterbury)

DreamWalker: Substituting Real-World Walking Experiences with a Virtual Reality
Jackie Yang (Stanford University & Microsoft Research), Christian Holz (Microsoft Research), Eyal Ofek (Microsoft Research), Andrew Wilson (Microsoft Research)

The Memory Palace: Exploring Visual-Spatial Paths for Strong, Memorable, Infrequent Authentication
Sauvik Das (Georgia Institute of Technology), David Lu (Carnegie Mellon University), Taehoon Lee (Carnegie Mellon University), Joanne Lo (Carnegie Mellon University), Jason Hong (Carnegie Mellon University)

Drift-Correction Techniques for Scale-Adaptive VR Navigation
Roberto Montano-Murillo (University of sussex), Patricia Cornelio-Martinez (University of Sussex), Sriram Subramanian (University of Sussex), Diego Martinez-Plasencia (University of Sussex)

CAVRN: An Exploration and Evaluation of a Collective Audience Virtual Reality Nexus Experience
Sebastian Herscher (New York University), Connor Defanti (New York University), Nicholas Vitovitch (New York University), Corinne Brenner (New York University), Haijun Xia (University of Toronto), Kris Layng (New York University), Ken Perlin (New York University)

Technical Paper Session: 3D and VR Input

ActiTouch: Robust Touch Detection for On-Skin AR/VR Interfaces
Yang Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University), Wolf Kienzle (Facebook Reality Labs), Yanjun Ma (Facebook Reality Labs), Shiu Ng (Facebook Reality Labs), Hrvoje Benko (Facebook Reality Labs), Chris Harrison (Carnegie Mellon University)

Eye&Head: Synergetic Eye and Head Movement for Pointing and Selection
Ludwig Sidenmark (Lancaster University), Hans Gellersen (Lancaster University)

Resized Grasping in VR: Estimating Thresholds for Object Discrimination
Joanna Bergström (University of Copenhagen), Aske Mottelson (University of Copenhagen), Jarrod Knibbe (Monash University)

Plane, Ray, and Point: Enabling Precise Spatial Manipulations with Shape Constraints
Devamardeep Hayatpur (University of Toronto), Seongkook Heo (University of Toronto), Haijun Xia (University of Toronto), Wolfgang Stuerzlinger (Simon Fraser University), Daniel Wigdor (University of Toronto)

INVANER: INteractive VAscular Network Editing and Repair
Valentin Nigolian (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), Takeo Igarashi (The University of Tokyo), Hirofumi Seo (The University of Tokyo)


Coffee Break and Poster Session


Closing Keynote: "Virtual Conferences" by Cristina (Crista) Lopes


Closing Ceremony