UIST '99

Panel Submission Guidelines and Checklist

Due date: Received by Friday May 7, 1999

Call for Panels

UIST invites panel organizers to submit proposals for panels to be held at the conference. Panel proposals should show how the combination of topic, panelists, and organization will educate, engage, and energize attendees. Successful panels must include substantial attendee participation.

Panels that address controversial issues or new technologies and applications are particularly encouraged, as are panels that include panelists with perspectives that are new to the UIST community.

Prospective panel organizers are invited to contact the panels chair to discuss panel ideas; the chair will work with organizers who would like assistance in identifying panelists or in developing a proposal.

This page includes more details about the goal of the panels program, review criteria, submission requirements, and a submission checklist.

For more information, please contact Joe Konstan, the Panels Chair.

Panels Program Goal

The goal of the UIST panels program is to create memorable and valuable experiences for conference attendees. Panels should complement the rest of the technical program by addressing topics that are best presented in an interactive discussion format.

Review Criteria

All panel proposals are reviewed by a committee of panel reviewers. Reviewers are asked to evaluate each panel on several criteria:

Submission Requirements

Panel submissions should include a cover letter and a panel statement for the conference proceedings. The cover letter should include:

The panel statement should be in ACM conference format and is limited to six pages. It should include:

Five copies of the entire packet, including the cover letter, should be sent to the Panels Chair to arrive no later than May 7, 1999.

Submission Checklist

Panel Statement Content

  • Is the importance of the topic clear?
  • Is the organization of the topic clear?
  • Is it clear how the attendees will interactively participate in the panel?
  • Are panelist statements limited to no more than one-half of the panel time?
  • Panelist Arrangements

  • Has each panelist agreed to attend UIST '99 if the panel is accepted? (Note: UIST cannot pay travel expenses or registration costs for panelists.)
  • Have you provided current contact information for each panelist?
  • Have you provided long-term e-mail addresses for panelists, so they can be contacted after the panel?
  • Is the moderator of the panel identified?
  • Proposal Logistics

  • Is the panel statement in ACM Conference Format and no more than six pages?
  • Is full contact information for the organizer in the cover letter?
  • Do you have five copies of the cover letter and panel statement?
  • Will the submission arrive on or before May 7, 1999?
  • Panels Chair Contact Information

    Joe Konstan
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    University of Minnesota
    200 Union Street SE -- Room 4-192
    Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA

    +1 612 625-1831 (phone)
    +1 612 625-0572 (fax, not for submissions)