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Saturday 10/29
Sunday 10/30
Monday 10/31
Tuesday 11/1
Wednesday 11/2

9am-5:30pm Doctoral Symposium

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8:30am-9am Continental Breakfast

9am-10:30am Opening Remarks & Keynote

10:30am-11am Coffee Break (Poster Session A)

11am-12:30pm Sessions 1A/B

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8:30am-9am Continental Breakfast

9am-10:30am Sessions 4A/B

10:30am-11am Coffee Break (Poster Session C)

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12pm-12:30pm Vision Talk

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9am-10:30am Sessions 7A/B

10:30am-11am Coffee Break (Poster Session B)

11am-12pm Sessions 8A/B

12pm-12:30pm Vision Talk

9am-5:30pm Doctoral Symposium

12:30pm-2:30pm Lunch

12:30pm-2:30pm Lunch

12:30pm-2:30pm Lunch

9am-5:30pm Doctoral Symposium

5pm Registration Opens

2:30pm-4pm Session 2A/B

4pm-4:30pm Coffee Break (Poster Session B)

4:30pm-6pm Session 3A/B

2:30pm-4pm Session 6A/B

4pm-6pm Buses Depart for Sunriver

2:30pm-4pm Session 9A/B

4pm-4:30pm Coffee Break (Poster Session A)

4:30pm-6pm Closing Keynote & Remarks

6:30pm-9pm Doctoral Symposium Dinner

7pm-10pm Welcome Reception

7pm-9pm Demos/SIC

6pm-8pm Conference Banquet in Sunriver

8pm-9pm Buses Return from Sunriver


Monday 11am-12:30pm
XR Interaction

Sketched Reality: Sketching Bi-Directional Interactions Between Virtual and Physical Worlds with AR and Actuated Tangible UI

Hiroki Kaimoto (The University of Tokyo,University of Calgary), Kyzyl Monteiro (IIIT-Delhi), Mehrad Faridan (University of Calgary), Jiatong Li (University of Chicago), Samin Farajian (University of Calgary), Yasuaki Kakehi (The University of Tokyo), Ken Nakagaki (University of Chicago), Ryo Suzuki (University of Calgary)

PassengXR: A Low Cost Platform for Any-Car, Multi-User, Motion-Based Passenger XR Experiences

Mark McGill (University of Glasgow), Graham Wilson (University of Glasgow), Daniel Medeiros (University of Glasgow), Stephen Anthony Brewster (University of Glasgow)

DEEP: 3D Gaze Pointing in Virtual Reality Leveraging Eyelid Movement

Xin Yi (Tsinghua University), Leping Qiu (Tsinghua University), Wenjing Tang (Southeast University), Yehan Fan (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), Hewu Li (Tsinghua University), Yuanchun Shi (Tsinghua University)

RIDS: Implicit Detection of A Selection Gesture Using Hand Motion Dynamics During Freehand Pointing in Virtual Reality

Ting Zhang (Meta Inc.), Zhenhong Hu (Meta Inc.), Aakar Gupta (Meta Inc.), Chi-Hao Wu (Meta Inc.), Hrvoje Benko (Meta Inc.), Tanya R. Jonker (Meta Inc.)

Integrating Real-World Distractions into Virtual Reality

Yujie Tao (University of Chicago), Pedro Lopes (University of Chicago)

Optimizing the Timing of Intelligent Suggestion in Virtual Reality

Difeng Yu (University of Melbourne), Ruta Desai (Meta Inc), Ting Zhang (Meta Inc), Hrvoje Benko (Meta), Tanya R. Jonker (Meta Inc), Aakar Gupta (Meta Inc)


Flaticulation: Laser Cutting Joints with Articulated Angles

Chiao Fang (National Taiwan University), Vivian Hsinyueh Chan (National Taiwan University), Lung-Pan Cheng (National Taiwan University)

Mixels: Fabricating Interfaces using Programmable Magnetic Pixels

Martin Nisser (MIT CSAIL), Yashaswini Makaram (MIT CSAIL), Lucian Covarrubias (MIT CSAIL), Amadou Yaye Bah (MIT CSAIL), Faraz Faruqi (MIT CSAIL), Ryo Suzuki (University of Calgary), Stefanie Mueller (MIT CSAIL)

AirLogic: Embedding Pneumatic Computation and I/O in 3D Models to Fabricate Electronics-Free Interactive Objects

Valkyrie Savage (University of Copenhagen), Carlos Tejada (University of Copenhagen), Mengyu Zhong (Uppsala University), Raf Ramakers (Flanders Make - Expertise Centre for Digital Media), Daniel Ashbrook (University of Copenhagen), Hyunyoung Kim (University of Birmingham,University of Copenhagen)

HingeCore: Laser-Cut Foamcore for Fast Assembly

Muhammad Abdullah (Hasso Plattner Institute), Romeo Sommerfeld (Hasso Plattner Institute), Bjarne Sievers (Hasso Plattner Institute), Leonard Geier (Hasso Plattner Institute), Jonas Noack (Hasso Plattner Institute), Marcus Ding (Hasso Plattner Institute), Christoph Thieme (Hasso Plattner Institute), Laurenz Seidel (Hasso Plattner Institute), Lukas Fritzsche (Hasso Plattner Institute), Erik Langenhan (Hasso Plattner Institute), Oliver Adameck (Hasso Plattner Institute), Moritz Dzingel (Hasso Plattner Institute), Thomas Kern (Hasso Plattner Institute), Martin Taraz (Hasso Plattner Institute), Conrad Lempert (Hasso Plattner Institute), Shohei Katakura (Hasso Plattner Institute), Hany Mohsen Elhassany (Hasso Plattner Institute), Thijs Roumen (Hasso Plattner Institute), Patrick Baudisch (Hasso Plattner Institute)

iWood: Makeable Vibration Sensor for Interactive Plywood

Te-Yen Wu (Dartmouth College), Xing-Dong Yang (Simon Fraser University)

Fibercuit: Prototyping High-Resolution Flexible and Kirigami Circuits with a Fiber Laser Engraver

Zeyu Yan (University Of Maryland), Anup Sathya (University of Maryland), Sahra Yusuf (George Mason University), Jyh-Ming Lien (George Mason University), Huaishu Peng (University of Maryland)

Monday 2:30pm-4pm
Storytelling and Presentation

CodeToon: Story Ideation, Auto Comic Generation, and Structure Mapping for Code-Driven Storytelling

Sangho Suh (University of Waterloo), Jian Zhao (University of Waterloo), Edith Law (University of Waterloo)

Record Once, Post Everywhere: Automatic Shortening of Audio Stories for Social Media

Bryan Wang (University of Toronto), Zeyu Jin (Adobe Research), Gautham Mysore (Adobe Research)

OmniScribe: Authoring Immersive Audio Descriptions for 360° Videos

Ruei-Che Chang (University of Michigan), Chao-Hsien Ting (National Taiwan University), Chia-Sheng Hung (National Taiwan University), Wan-Chen Lee (National Taiwan University), Liang-Jin Chen (National Taiwan University), Yu-Tzu Chao (Audio Description Development Association), Bing-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University), Anhong Guo (University of Michigan)

Synthesis-Assisted Video Prototyping From a Document

Peggy Chi (Google Research), Tao Dong (Google), Christian Frueh (Google Research), Brian Colonna (Google Research), Vivek Kwatra (Google Research), Irfan Essa (Google Research)

RealityTalk: Real-time Speech-driven Augmented Presentation for AR Live Storytelling

Jian Liao (University of Calgary), Adnan Karim (University of Calgary), Shivesh Singh Jadon (University of Calgary), Rubaiat Habib Kazi (Adobe Research), Ryo Suzuki (University of Calgary)

Augmented Chironomia for Presenting Data to Remote Audiences

Brian D. Hall (University of Michigan), Lyn Bartram (Simon Fraser University), Matthew Brehmer (Tableau Research)

Soft and Deformable Materials

ANISMA: A Prototyping Toolkit to Explore Haptic Skin Deformation Applications Using Shape-Memory Alloys (TOCHI paper)

Moritz Messerschmidt ( The University of Auckland, Auckland Bioengineering Institute), Sachith Muthukumarana ( The University of Auckland, Auckland Bioengineering Institute), Nur Hamdan ( RWTH Aachen University, Computer Science Department), Adrian Wagner ( RWTH Aachen University, Computer Science Department), Haimo Zhang ( The University of Auckland, Auckland Bioengineering Institute), Jan Borchers ( RWTH Aachen University, Computer Science Department), Suranga Nanayakkara ( The University of Auckland, Augmented Human Lab, Auckland Bioengineering Institute)

Prototyping Soft Devices with Interactive Bioplastics

Marion Koelle (Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus,OFFIS - Institute for Information Technology), Madalina Nicolae (Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus,Léonard de Vinci Pôle Universitaire, Research Center), Aditya Shekhar Nittala (Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus,University of Calgary), Marc Teyssier (Léonard de Vinci Pôle Universitaire, Research Center), Jürgen Steimle (Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus)

X-Bridges: Designing Tunable Bridges to Enrich 3D Printed Objects' Deformation and Stiffness

Lingyun Sun (Zhejiang University), Jiaji Li (Zhejiang University), Junzhe Ji (Zhejiang University), Deying Pan (Zhejiang University), Mingming Li (Zhejiang University), Kuangqi Zhu (Zhejiang University), Yitao Fan (Zhejiang University), Yue Yang (Zhejiang University), Ye Tao (Zhejiang University City College), Guanyun Wang (Zhejiang University)

Sketch-Based Design of Foundation Paper Pieceable Quilts

Mackenzie Leake (MIT CSAIL), Gilbert Bernstein (UC Berkeley), Maneesh Agrawala (Stanford University)

Project Primrose: Reflective Light-Diffuser Modules for Non-Emissive Flexible Display Systems

Christine Dierk (Adobe Research), TJ Rhodes (Adobe Research), Gavin Miller (Adobe Research)

Computational Design of Active Kinesthetic Garments

Velko Vechev (ETH Zurich), Ronan J Hinchet (ETH Zurich), Stelian Coros (ETH), Bernhard Thomaszewski (ETH Zurich), Otmar Hilliges (ETH Zurich)

Monday 4:30pm-6pm
Novel Interactions

Flexel: A Modular Floor Interface for Room-Scale Tactile Sensing

Takatoshi Yoshida (University of Tokyo), Narin Okazaki (University of Tokyo), Ken Takaki (University of Tokyo), Masaharu Hirose (University of Tokyo), Shingo Kitagawa (University of Tokyo), Masahiko Inami (University of Tokyo)

ForceSight: Non-Contact Force Sensing with Laser Speckle Imaging

Siyou Pei (University of California, Los Angeles), Pradyumna Chari (University of California, Los Angeles), Xue Wang (University of California, Los Angeles), Xiaoying Yang (University of California, Los Angeles), Achuta Kadambi (University of California, Los Angeles), Yang Zhang (University of California, Los Angeles)

NFCStack: Identifiable Physical Building Blocks that Support Concurrent Construction and Frictionless Interaction

Chi-Jung Lee (National Taiwan University), Rong-Hao Liang (Eindhoven University of Technology), Ling-Chien Yang (National Taiwan University), Chi-Huan Chiang (National Taiwan University), Te-Yen Wu (Dartmouth College), Bing-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University)

Gesture-aware Interactive Machine Teaching with In-situ Object Annotations

Zhongyi Zhou (The University of Tokyo), Koji Yatani (The University of Tokyo)

Integrating Living Organisms in Devices to Implement Care-based Interactions

Jasmine Lu (University of Chicago), Pedro Lopes (University of Chicago)

WaddleWalls: Room-scale Interactive Partitioning System using a Swarm of Robotic Partitions

Yuki Onishi (Tohoku University), Kazuki Takashima (Tohoku University), Shoi Higashiyama (Tohoku University), Kazuyuki Fujita (Tohoku University), Yoshifumi Kitamura (Tohoku University)

Information and Visualization Interfaces

Scholastic: Graphical Human-AI Collaboration for Inductive and Interpretive Text Analysis

Matt-Heun Hong (University of Colorado Boulder), Lauren A. Marsh (University of Colorado Boulder), Jessica L. Feuston (University of Colorado Boulder), Janet Ruppert (University of Colorado Boulder), Jed R. Brubaker (University of Colorado Boulder), Danielle Albers Szafir (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Wikxhibit: Using HTML and Wikidata to Author Applications that Link Data Across the Web

Tarfah Alrashed (MIT), Lea Verou (MIT), David R Karger (MIT)

Wigglite: Low-cost Information Collection and Triage

Michael Xieyang Liu (Carnegie Mellon University), Andrew Kuznetsov (Carnegie Mellon University), Yongsung Kim (Carnegie Mellon University), Joseph Chee Chang (Allen Institute for AI), Aniket Kittur (Carnegie Mellon University), Brad A. Myers (Carnegie Mellon University)

MuscleRehab: Improving Unsupervised Physical Rehabilitation by Monitoring and Visualizing Muscle Engagement

Junyi Zhu (MIT CSAIL), Yuxuan Lei (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Aashini Shah (MIT CSAIL), Gila Schein (MIT CSAIL), Hamid Ghaednia (Massachusetts General Hospital), Joseph H Schwab (Massachusetts General Hospital), Casper Harteveld (Northeastern University), Stefanie Mueller (MIT CSAIL)

Fuse: In-Situ Sensemaking Support in the Browser

Andrew Kuznetsov (Carnegie Mellon University), Joseph Chee Chang (Allen Institute for AI), Nathan Hahn (US Army), Napol Rachatasumrit (Carnegie Mellon University), Bradley Breneisen (Carnegie Mellon University), Julina Coupland (Carnegie Mellon University), Aniket Kittur (Carnegie Mellon University)

Diffscriber: Describing Visual Design Changes to Support Mixed-Ability Collaborative Presentation Authoring

Yi-Hao Peng (Carnegie Mellon University), Jason Wu (Carnegie Mellon University), Jeffrey P Bigham (Carnegie Mellon University), Amy Pavel (University of Texas, Austin)

Tuesday 9am-10:30am
XR Applications

ReCapture: AR-Guided Time-lapse Photography

Ruyu Yan (Cornell University), Jiatian Sun (Cornell University), Longxiulin Deng (Cornell University), Abe Davis (Cornell University)

ARDW: An Augmented Reality Workbench for Printed Circuit Board Debugging

Ishan Chatterjee (University of Washington), Tadeusz Pforte (University of Washington), Aspen Tng (Human-Computer Interaction + Design), Farshid Salemi Parizi (University of Washington), Chaoran Chen (Carnegie Mellon University), Shwetak Patel (University of Washington)

Detecting input recognition errors and user errors using gaze dynamics in virtual reality

Naveen Sendhilnathan (Meta Inc.), Ting Zhang (Meta Inc.), Ben Lafreniere (Meta Inc), Tovi Grossman (University of Toronto), Tanya R. Jonker (Meta Inc)

Prolonging VR Haptic Experiences by Harvesting Kinetic Energy from the User

Shan-Yuan Teng (University of Chicago), K. D. Wu (University of Chicago), Jacqueline Chen (University of Chicago), Pedro Lopes (University of Chicago)

Mimic: In-Situ Recording and Re-Use of Demonstrations to Support Robot Teleoperation

Karthik Mahadevan (University of Toronto), Yan Chen (University of Toronto), Maya Cakmak (University of Washington), Anthony Tang (University of Toronto), Tovi Grossman (University of Toronto)

ARnnotate: An Augmented Reality Interface for Collecting Custom Dataset of 3D Hand-Object Interaction Pose Estimation

Xun Qian (Purdue University), Fengming He (Purdue University), Xiyun Hu (Purdue University), Tianyi Wang (Purdue University), Karthik Ramani (Purdue University)


Seeing our Blind Spots: Smart Glasses-based Simulation to Increase Design Students Awareness of Visual Impairment

Qing Zhang (Keio University), Giulia Barbareschi (Keio University), Yifei Huang (The University of Tokyo), Juling Li (Keio University), Yun Suen Pai (Keio University), Jamie A Ward (Goldsmiths University of London), Kai Kunze (Keio University)

CrossA11y: Identifying Video Accessibility Issues via Cross-modal Grounding

XingyuBruce" Liu (UCLA), Ruolin Wang (UCLA), Dingzeyu Li (Adobe Research), Xiang Anthony Chen (UCLA), Amy Pavel (University of Texas)

Grid-Coding: An Accessible, Efficient, and Structured Coding Paradigm for Blind and Low-Vision Programmers

Md Ehtesham-Ul-Haque (Pennsylvania State University), Syed Mostofa Monsur (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology), Syed Masum Billah (Pennsylvania State University)

Interactive Public Displays and Wheelchair Users: Between Direct, Personal and Indirect, Assisted Interaction

Radu-Daniel Vatavu (Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava), Ovidiu-Ciprian Ungurean (Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava), Laura-Bianca Bilius (Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava)

PSST: Enabling Blind or Visually Impaired Developers to Author Sonifications of Streaming Sensor Data

Venkatesh Potluri (University of Washington), John R Thompson (Microsoft Research), James Devine (Microsoft Research), Bongshin Lee (Microsoft Research), Nora Morsi (University of Washington), Peli De Halleux (Microsoft Research), Steve Hodges (Microsoft Research), Jennifer Mankoff (University of Washington)

TangibleGrid: Tangible Web Layout Design for Blind Users

Jiasheng Li (University of Maryland), Zeyu Yan (University Of Maryland), Ebrima Haddy Jarjue (University of Maryland), Ashrith Shetty (University of Maryland, College Park), Huaishu Peng (University of Maryland)

Tuesday 11am-12pm
XR Toolkits

AUIT – the Adaptive User Interfaces Toolkit for Designing XR Applications

João Marcelo Evangelista Belo (Aarhus University), Mathias N. Lystbæk (Aarhus University), Anna Maria Feit (Saarland University, Saarland Informatics Campus), Ken Pfeuffer (Aarhus University), Peter Kán (TU Wien,Aarhus University), Antti Oulasvirta (Aalto University), Kaj Grønbæk (Aarhus University)

RealityLens: Designing a User Interface for Blending Customized Physical World View with Virtual Reality

Chiu-Hsuan Wang (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University), Bing-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University), Liwei Chan (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)

MechARspace: An Authoring System Enabling Bidirectional Binding of AR with Toys in Real-time

Zhengzhe Zhu (Purdue University), Ziyi Liu (Purdue University), Tianyi Wang (Purdue University), Youyou Zhang (Purdue University), Xun Qian (Purdue University), Pashin Farsak Raja (Purdue University), Ana M Villanueva (Purdue University), Karthik Ramani (Purdue University)

RemoteLab: Virtual Reality Remote study Tool Kit

Jaewook Lee (University of Washington), Raahul Natarrajan (Vanderbilt University), Sebastian S. Rodriguez (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Payod Panda (Microsoft Research), Eyal Ofek (Microsoft Research)

Mind and Body

SleepGuru: Personalized Sleep Planning System for Real-life Actionability and Negotiability

Jungeun Lee (POSTECH), Sungnam Kim (POSTECH), Minki Cheon (POSTECH), Hyojin Ju (POSTECH), JaeEun Lee (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Inseok Hwang (POSTECH)

ELAXO : Rendering Versatile Resistive Force Feedback for Fingers Grasping and Twisting

Zhong-Yi Zhang (National Chengchi University), Hong-Xian Chen (National Chengchi University), Shih-Hao Wang (National Chengchi University), Hsin-Ruey Tsai (National Chengchi University)

Muscle Synergies Learning with Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Playing the Piano

Arinobu Niijima (NTT Corporation), Toki Takeda (NTT Corporation), Ryosuke Aoki (NTT Corporation), Shinji Miyahara (NTT Corporation)

TickleFoot: Design, Development and Evaluation of a Novel Foot-tickling Mechanism that Can Evoke Laughter (TOCHI paper)

Don Samitha Elvitigala ( The University of Auckland, The Auckland Bioengineering Institute), Roger Boldu ( The University of Auckland, Auckland Bioengineering Institute ), Denys Matthies ( Technical University of Applied Sciences Lübeck, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), Suranga Nanayakkara ( The University of Auckland, Augmented Human Lab, Auckland Bioengineering Institute)

Tuesday 2:30pm-4pm
Beyond the Desktop

Phrase-Gesture Typing on Smartphones

Zheer Xu (Dartmouth College), Yankang Meng (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Xiaojun Bi (Stony Brook University), Xing-Dong Yang (Simon Fraser University)

DiscoBand: Multiview Depth-Sensing Smartwatch Strap for Hand, Arm and Environment Tracking

Nathan Devrio (Carnegie Mellon University), Chris Harrison (Carnegie Mellon University)

DeltaPen: A Device with Integrated High-Precision Translation and Rotation Sensing on Passive Surfaces

Guy Lüthi (ETH Zürich), Andreas Rene Fender (ETH Zürich), Christian Holz (ETH Zürich)

EtherPose: Continuous Hand Pose Tracking with Wrist-Worn Antenna Impedance Characteristic Sensing

Daehwa Kim (Carnegie Mellon University), Chris Harrison (Carnegie Mellon University)

DigituSync: A Dual-User Passive Exoskeleton Glove That Adaptively Shares Hand Gestures

Jun Nishida (University of Chicago), Yudai Tanaka (University of Chicago), Romain Nith (University of Chicago), Pedro Lopes (University of Chicago)

TipTrap: A Co-located Direct Manipulation Technique for Acoustically Levitated Content

Eimontas Jankauskis (University College London), Sonia Elizondo (Universidad Pública de Navarra), Roberto A Montano Murillo (University College London,Ultraleap), Asier Marzo (Universidad Publica de Navarra), Diego Martinez Plasencia (University College of London)

Programming, Kits, and Libraries

Using Annotations for Sensemaking About Code

Amber Horvath (Carnegie Mellon University), Brad A Myers (Carnegie Mellon University), Andrew Macvean (Google), Imtiaz Rahman (Hunter College)

Notational Programming for Notebook Environments: A Case Study with Quantum Circuits

Ian Arawjo (Cornell University), Anthony J DeArmas (Cornell University), Michael Roberts (Cornell University), Shrutarshi Basu (Harvard University), Tapan Parikh (Cornell Tech)

SemanticOn: Specifying Content-Based Semantic Conditions for Web Automation Programs

Kevin Pu (University of Toronto), Rainey Fu (University of Toronto), Rui Dong (University of Michigan), Xinyu Wang (University of Michigan), Yan Chen (University of Toronto), Tovi Grossman (University of Toronto)

Exploring the Learnability of Program Synthesizers by Novice Programmers

Dhanya Jayagopal (University of California, Berkeley), Justin Lubin (University of California, Berkeley), Sarah E. Chasins (University of California, Berkeley)

Concept-Labeled Examples for Library Comparison

Litao Yan (Harvard University), Miryung Kim (UCLA), Bjoern Hartmann (UC Berkeley), Tianyi Zhang (Purdue University), Elena L. Glassman (Harvard University)

FLEX-SDK: An Open-Source Software Development Kit for Creating Social Robots

Patricia Alves-Oliveira (University of Washington), Kai Mihata (University of Washington), Raida Karim (University of Washington), Elin A. Bjorling (University of Washington), Maya Cakmak (University of Washington)

Wednesday 9am-10:30am
Material Interfaces and Displays

Reconfigurable Elastic Metamaterials

Willa Yunqi Yang (Carnegie Mellon University), Yumeng Zhuang (Carnegie Mellon University), Luke Andre Darcy (Carnegie Mellon University), Grace M Liu (Carnegie Mellon University), Alexandra Ion (Carnegie Mellon University)

spaceR: Knitting Ready-Made, Tactile, and Highly Responsive Spacer-Fabric Force Sensors for Continuous Input

Roland Aigner (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria), Mira Alida Haberfellner (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria), Michael Haller (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)

Kinergy: Creating 3D Printable Motion using Embedded Kinetic Energy

Liang He (University of Washington), Xia Su (University of Washington), Huaishu Peng (University of Maryland), Jeffrey Ian Lipton (University of Washington), Jon E. Froehlich (University of Washington)

HapTag: A Compact Actuator for Rendering Push-Button Tactility on Soft Surfaces

Yanjun Chen (Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences), Xuewei Liang (Xi'an jiaotong university), Si Chen (Stony Brook University), Yuwen Chen (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences,University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Hongnan Lin (Georgia Institute of Technology), Hechuan Zhang (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences,University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Chutian Jiang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Feng Tian (Institute of software, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Yu Zhang (School of mechanical engineering), Shanshan Yao (Stony Brook University), Teng Han (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

MagneShape: A Non-electrical Pin-Based Shape-Changing Display

Kentaro Yasu (NTT Communication Science Laboratories)

MetamorphX: An Ungrounded 3-DoF Moment Display that Changes its Physical Properties through Rotational Impedance Control

Takeru Hashimoto (The University of Tokyo), Shigeo Yoshida (The University of Tokyo), Takuji Narumi (The University of Tokyo)

Generative Design

OPAL: Multimodal Image Generation for News Illustrations

Vivian Liu (Columbia University), Han Qiao (University of Toronto,Columbia University), Lydia B Chilton (Columbia University)

Social Simulacra: Creating Populated Prototypes for Social Computing Systems

Joon Sung Park (Stanford University), Lindsay Popowski (Stanford University), Carrie J Cai (Google), Meredith Ringel Morris (Google Research), Percy Liang (Stanford University), Michael S. Bernstein (Stanford University)

GANzilla: User-Driven Direction Discovery in Generative Adversarial Networks

Noyan Evirgen (UCLA), Xiang 'Anthony' Chen (UCLA)

We-toon: A Communication Support System between Writers and Artists in Collaborative Webtoon Sketch Revision

Hyung-Kwon Ko (Webtoon AI, NAVER WEBTOON Corp.,Seoul National University), Subin An (Seoul National University), Gwanmo Park (Seoul National University), Seung Kwon Kim (NAVER WEBTOON), Daesik Kim (Naver Webtoon Ltd), Bohyoung Kim (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Jaemin Jo (Sungkyunkwan University), Jinwook Seo (Seoul National University)

BO as Assistant: Using Bayesian Optimization for Asynchronously Generating Design Suggestions

Yuki Koyama (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)), Masataka Goto (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))

Chatbots Facilitating Consensus-building in Asynchronous Co-Design

Joongi Shin (Aalto University), Michael A. Hedderich (Aalto University), AndréS Lucero (Aalto University), Antti Oulasvirta (Aalto University)

Wednesday 11am-12pm
XR Perception

Exploring Sensory Conflict Effect Due to Upright Redirection While Using VR in Reclining & Lying Positions

Tianren Luo (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences,College of Computer Science and Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Zhenxuan He (Capital Normal University), Chenyang Cai (Beijing University of Technology), Teng Han (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Zhigeng Pan (College of Artificial Intelligence, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology), Feng Tian (Institute of software, Chinese Academy of Sciences,College of Artificial Intelligence, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Color-to-Depth Mappings as Depth Cues in Virtual Reality

Zhipeng Li (Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University), Yikai Cui (Tsinghua University), Tianze Zhou (Tsinghua University), Yu Jiang (Tsinghua University), Yuntao Wang (Tsinghua University), Yukang Yan (Tsinghua University), Michael Nebeling (University of Michigan), Yuanchun Shi (Tsinghua University)

Look over there! Investigating Saliency Modulation for Visual Guidance with Augmented Reality Glasses

Jonathan Sutton (University of Otago,University of Otago), Tobias Langlotz (University of Otago,University of Otago), Alexander Plopski (Graz University of Technology,University of Otago), Stefanie Zollmann (University of Otago,University of Otago), Yuta Itoh (The University of Tokyo,Tokyo Institute of Technology), Holger Regenbrecht (University of Otago,University of Otago)

VRhook: A Data Collection Tool for VR Motion Sickness Research

Elliott Wen (The University of Auckland), Tharindu Indrajith Kaluarachchi (The University of Auckland), Shamane Siriwardhana (Auckland Bio engineering Institute, University Of Auckland), Vanessa Tang (University of Auckland), Mark Billinghurst (University of South Australia), Robert W. Lindeman (University of Canterbury), Richard Yao (Facebook), James Lin (Facebook), Suranga Nanayakkara (Department of Information Systems and Analytics, National University of Singapore)

3D Printing

Automated Filament Inking for Multi-color FFF 3D Printing

Eammon Littler (Dartmouth College), Bo Zhu (Dartmouth College), Wojciech Jarosz (Dartmouth College)

interiqr: Unobtrusive Edible Tags using Food 3D Printing

Yamato Miyatake (Osaka University), Parinya Punpongsanon (Osaka University), Daisuke Iwai (Osaka University), Kosuke Sato (Osaka University)

SenSequins: Smart Textile Using 3D Printed Conductive Sequins

Hua Ma (Keio University), Junichi Yamaoka (Keio University)

ShrinkCells: Localized and Sequential Shape-Changing Actuation of 3D-Printed Objects via Selective Heating

Kongpyung (Justin) Moon (KAIST), Haeun Lee (KAIST), Jeeeun Kim (Texas A&M University), Andrea Bianchi (KAIST)

Wednesday 2:30pm-4pm
Modeling and Intent

Bayesian Hierarchical Pointing Models

Hang Zhao (Stony Brook University), Sophia Gu (Stony Brook University,Plainview Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School), Chun Yu (Tsinghua University), Xiaojun Bi (Stony Brook University)

Personalized Game Difficulty Prediction Using Factorization Machines

Jeppe Theiss Kristensen (IT University of Copenhagen), Christian Guckelsberger (Aalto University), Paolo Burelli (IT University of Copenhagen), Perttu Hämäläinen (Aalto University)

INTENT: Interactive Tensor Transformation Synthesis

Zhanhui Zhou (University of Michigan), Man To Tang (Purdue University), Qiping Pan (University of Michigan), Shangyin Tan (Purdue University), Xinyu Wang (University of Michigan), Tianyi Zhang (Purdue University)

Breathing Life Into Biomechanical User Models

Aleksi Ikkala (Aalto University), Florian Fischer (University of Bayreuth), Markus Klar (University of Bayreuth), Miroslav Bachinski (University of Bergen,University of Bayreuth), Arthur Fleig (University of Bayreuth), Andrew Howes (University of Birmingham), Perttu Hämäläinen (Aalto University), Jörg Müller (University of Bayreuth), Roderick Murray-Smith (University of Glasgow), Antti Oulasvirta (Aalto University)

DualVoice: Speech Interaction that Discriminates between Normal and Whispered Voice Input

Jun Rekimoto (The University of Tokyo,Sony CSL Kyoto)

Photographic Lighting Design with Photographer-in-the-Loop Bayesian Optimization

Kenta Yamamoto (University of Tsukuba), Yuki Koyama (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)), Yoichi Ochiai (University of Tsukuba)

Search and Exploration

InterWeave: Presenting Search Suggestions in Context Scaffolds Information Search and Synthesis

Srishti Palani (University of California, San Diego), Yingyi Zhou (University of California, San Diego), Sheldon Zhu (University of California, San Diego), Steven P. Dow (University of California, San Diego)

Threddy: An interactive system for personalized thread-based exploration and organization of scientific literature

Hyeonsu B Kang (Carnegie Mellon University), Joseph Chee Chang (Allen Institute for AI), Yongsung Kim (Carnegie Mellon University), Aniket Kittur (Carnegie Mellon University)

Summarizing Sets of Related ML-Driven Recommendations for Improving File Management in Cloud Storage

Will Brackenbury (University of Chicago), Kyle Chard (University of Chicago), Aaron Elmore (University of Chicago), Blase Ur (University of Chicago)

Scrapbook: Screenshot-Based Bookmarks for Effective Digital Resource Curation across Applications

Donghan Hu (Virginia Tech), Sang Won Lee (Virginia Tech)

FeedLens: Polymorphic Lenses for Personalizing Exploratory Search over Knowledge Graphs

Harmanpreet Kaur (University of Michigan), Doug Downey (Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence,Northwestern University), Amanpreet Singh (Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence), Evie Yu-Yen Cheng (Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence), Daniel S Weld (Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence,University of Washington), Jonathan Bragg (Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence)

Beyond Text Generation: Supporting Writers with Continuous Automatic Text Summaries

Hai Dang (University of Bayreuth), Karim Benharrak (University of Bayreuth), Florian Lehmann (University of Bayreuth), Daniel Buschek (University of Bayreuth)

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