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UIST 2020 Accessibility FAQ

UIST 2020 is committed to providing an inclusive environment for the virtual conference and we will do our best to accommodate requests for special assistance. We are currently working to 1) evaluate the choice of technologies and tools (video conferencing, discussion, program gallery, etc.) for accessibility concerns, e.g., how easy it is to use with a screen reader; 2) ensure the pre-planned sessions (posters, demos, talks, etc.) will be captioned in English and available to all attendees; 3) assign specific student volunteer tasks based on attendee requests.

If you wish to discuss any virtual conference accessibility requirements not mentioned above, please contact our Accessibility Chairs, Megan Hofmann and Ruolin Wang by email:, and someone will respond to you shortly.

Note about COVID-19: We are aware that COVID-19 is a rapidly changing, serious, and global situation that may effect UIST 2020 and have a particularly strong effect on attendees with disabilities and health conditions. Accessibility information may change as this situation develops and accomodations can be provided

Accessibility Chairs

Ruolin Wang
Ruolin Wang
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