UIST '14- Proceedings of the 27th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology

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SESSION: Opening keynote address

Designing the user in user interfaces

SESSION: Interacting with 3D data

A series of tubes: adding interactivity to 3D prints using internal pipes

FlatFitFab: interactive modeling with planar sections

Paper3D: bringing casual 3D modeling to a multi-touch interface

Cheaper by the dozen: group annotation of 3D data

SESSION: Working with crowds

Microtask programming: building software with a crowd

Situated crowdsourcing using a market model

Crowd-powered parameter analysis for visual design exploration

Expert crowdsourcing with flash teams

SESSION: Building and using webpages

Creating interactive web data applications with spreadsheets

Spreadsheet driven web applications

AttachMate: highlight extraction from email attachments

Making the web easier to see with opportunistic accessibility improvement

Content-aware kinetic scrolling for supporting web page navigation

SESSION: Novel hardware I

FlexSense: a transparent self-sensing deformable surface

Hover Pad: interacting with autonomous and self-actuated displays in space

Graffiti fur: turning your carpet into a computer display

LightRing: always-available 2D input on any surface

WristFlex: low-power gesture input with wrist-worn pressure sensors

SESSION: Modeling and prediction

CommandSpace: modeling the relationships between tasks, descriptions and features

Predictive translation memory: a mixed-initiative system for human language translation

Tohme: detecting curb ramps in google street view using crowdsourcing, computer vision, and machine learning

Zero-latency tapping: using hover information to predict touch locations and eliminate touchdown latency

Detecting tapping motion on the side of mobile devices by probabilistically combining hand postures

SESSION: Developer tools I

Prefab layers and prefab annotations: extensible pixel-based interpretation of graphical interfaces

Programming by manipulation for layout

Global beautification of layouts with interactive ambiguity resolution

Deconstructing and restyling D3 visualizations

InterState: a language and environment for expressing interface behavior

SESSION: Fabrication

WirePrint: 3D printed previews for fast prototyping

PrintScreen: fabricating highly customizable thin-film touch-displays

ShrinkyCircuits: sketching, shrinking, and formgiving for electronic circuits

Teegi: tangible EEG interface

SESSION: Augmented reality I

Individual variation in susceptibility to cybersickness

In-air gestures around unmodified mobile devices

ParaFrustum: visualization techniques for guiding a user to a constrained set of viewing positions and orientations

Through the combining glass

Loupe: a handheld near-eye display

SESSION: Novel hardware II

High rate, low-latency multi-touch sensing with simultaneous orthogonal multiplexing

GaussStones: shielded magnetic tangibles for multi-token interactions on portable displays

Tag system with low-powered tag and depth sensing camera

Trampoline: a double-sided elastic touch device for creating reliefs

Skin buttons: cheap, small, low-powered and clickable fixed-icon laser projectors

SESSION: Creative tools

Kitty: sketching dynamic and interactive illustrations

PortraitSketch: face sketching assistance for novices

Painting with Bob: assisted creativity for novices

InterTwine: creating interapplication information scent to support coordinated use of software

Generating emotionally relevant musical scores for audio stories

SESSION: Collaboration

World-stabilized annotations and virtual scene navigation for remote collaboration

Physical telepresence: shape capture and display for embodied, computer-mediated remote collaboration

3D-board: a whole-body remote collaborative whiteboard

RichReview: blending ink, speech, and gesture to support collaborative document review

Sensory triptych: here, near, out there

SESSION: Touch & gesture

Going to the dogs: towards an interactive touchscreen interface for working dogs

Gaze-touch: combining gaze with multi-touch for interaction on the same surface

Air+touch: interweaving touch & in-air gestures

SideSwipe: detecting in-air gestures around mobile devices using actual GSM signal

Vibkinesis: notification by direct tap and 'dying message' using vibronic movement controllable smartphones


Video lens: rapid playback and exploration of large video collections and associated metadata

Glance: rapidly coding behavioral video with the crowd

Data-driven interaction techniques for improving navigation of educational videos

Video digests: a browsable, skimmable format for informational lecture videos

SESSION: Input techniques

Brain-based target expansion

Pinch-to-zoom-plus: an enhanced pinch-to-zoom that reduces clutching and panning

Sensing techniques for tablet+stylus interaction

Swipeboard: a text entry technique for ultra-small interfaces that supports novice to expert transitions

Improvements to keyboard optimization with integer programming

SESSION: Augmented reality II

Designer's augmented reality toolkit, ten years later: implications for new media authoring tools

RoomAlive: magical experiences enabled by scalable, adaptive projector-camera units

Dyadic projected spatial augmented reality

Tracs: transparency-control for see-through displays

HaptoMime: mid-air haptic interaction with a floating virtual screen

SESSION: Developer tools II

Declarative interaction design for data visualization

Laevo: a temporal desktop interface for integrated knowledge work

Reflection: enabling event prediction as an on-device service for mobile interaction

SESSION: Closing keynote address

Humane representation of thought: a trail map for the 21st century