UIST History

Year Place Program Chair General Chair(s) ACM order#
2010 New York, NY, USA Mary Czerwinski / Rob Miller Ken Perlin
2009 Victoria, BC, Canada François Guimbretière Andrew D. Wilson 429092
2008 Monterey, CA, USA Michel Beaudouin-Lafon Steve Cousins 429082
2007 Newport, RI, USA Ravin Balakrishnan Chia Shen / Rob Jacob 429072
2006 Montreux, Switzerland Ken Hinckley Pierre Wellner 429062
2005 Seattle, WA, USA Dan Olsen Patrick Baudisch /Mary Czerwinski 429052
2004 Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA James Landay Steve Feiner 429042
2003 Vancouver, BC, Canada Gregory Abowd / Blair MacIntyre Joseph A. Konstan 429032
2002 Paris, France Keith Edwards Michel Beaudouin-Lafon 429022
2001 Orlando, FL, USA Beth Mynatt Joe Marks 429012
2000 San Diego, CA, USA Scott Hudson Mark Ackerman / Keith Edwards 429002
1999 Asheville, NC, USA Joe Marks Brad Vander Zanden 429992
1998 San Francisco, CA, USA Rob Jacob Elizabeth Mynatt 429982
1997 Banff, Alberta, Canada Chris Schmandt George Robertson 429972
1996 Seattle, WA, USA Marc Brown David Kurlander 429962
1995 Pittsburgh, PA, USA George Robertson Brad A. Myers 429952
1994 Marina del Rey, CA, USA Steve Feiner Pedro Szekely 429946
1993 Atlanta, GA, USA Randy Pausch Scott Hudson 429936
1992 Monterey, CA, USA Mark Green Jock Mackinlay / Mark Green 429923
1991 Hilton Head, SC, USA Jock Mackinlay James R. Rhyne 429913
1990 Snowbird, UT, USA Scott Hudson Dan Olsen 429902
1989 Williamsburg, VA, USA Dan Olsen John Sibert 429892
1988 Banff, Alberta, Canada John Siebert Mark Green 429881

UIST Prehistory

1986 Seattle, WA Software Tools UI Management Computer Graphics, Vol. 21, No. 2
1983 Seeheim, Germany Workshop on UIMS User Interface Management Systems, G. Pfaff (ed.), Springer-Verlag, 1985
1982 Seattle, WA GIIT Workshop Computer Graphics, Vol. 17, No. 1



UIST'10: Lasting Impact Award
Steve Feiner, Blair MacIntyre, Marcus Haupt, and Eliot Solomon for "Windows on the world: 2D windows for 3D augmented reality" In Proc. UIST 1993, pp. 145-155.

UIST'09: Lasting Impact Award
Brygg Ullmer and Hiroshi Ishii for "The metaDESK: models and prototypes for tangible user interfaces." In Proc. UIST 1997, pp. 223-232.

UIST'08: Lasting Impact Award
Randy Pausch for his contributions to UIST, in particular the UIST '91 paper "SUIT: The Pascal of User Interface Toolkits" by Randy Pausch, Nathaniel R. Young II, Robert DeLine.

UIST'07: Lasting Impact Award
Barry Arons for "SpeechSkimmer: Interactively Skimming Recorded Speech" in UIST '93

UIST '06: Lasting Impact Award
Ramana Rao, Stuart Card, Herbert Jellinek, Jock Mackinlay, and George Robertson for The information grid: a framework for information retrieval and retrieval-centered applications, published in UIST '92.

UIST '05: Lasting Impact Award
Gordon Kurtenbach and Bill Buxton for their UIST 1991 paper "Issues in Combining Marking and Direct Manipulation Techniques"

UIST '04: Lasting Impact Award
Bay-Wei Chang for his work on Animation, from cartoons to the user interface

UIST '03: Lasting Impact Award
Pierre Wellner for his early work on DigitalDesk

Past best paper awards

UIST'10 best paper award
Jeffrey Bigham (University of Rochester), Chandrika Jayant (University of Washington), Hanjie Ji (University of Rochester), Greg Little (MIT CSAIL), Andrew Miller (University of Central Florida), Robert C. Miller (MIT CSAIL), Robin Miller (University of Rochester), Aubrey Tatarowicz (MIT CSAIL), Brandyn White (University of Maryland), Samuel White (University of Rochester), Tom Yeh, University of Maryland: "VizWiz: Nearly Real-Time Answers to Visual Questions"

UIST'09 best student paper award
Michael S. Bernstein (MIT CSAIL), Greg Little (MIT CSAIL), Robert C. Miller (MIT CSAIL), Bjoern Hartmann UC Berkeley, Mark S. Ackerman University of Michigan, David R. Karger (MIT CSAIL), David Crowell (MIT CSAIL), Katrina Panovich (MIT CSAIL): "Soylent: A Word Processor with a Crowd Inside"

UIST'09 best paper award
Nicolas Villar, Shahram Izadi, Dan Rosenfeld, Hrvoje Benko, John Helmes, Jonathan Westhues, Steve Hodges, Eyal Ofek, Alex Butler, Xiang Cao, Billy Chen (Microsoft Research Cambridge & Redmond, Microsoft Corp): "Mouse 2.0: Multi-touch meets the Mouse"

UIST'09 best student paper award
Tom Yeh, Tsung-Hsiang Chang, Robert C. Miller (MIT CSAIL): "Sikuli: Using GUI Screenshots for Search and Automation"

UIST'08 best paper award
Andrew Wilson, Shahram Izadi, Otmar Hilliges, Armando Garcia-Mendoza, David Kirk: "Bringing Physics to the Surface"

UIST'08 best student paper award
Björn Hartmann, Loren Yu, Abel Allison, Yeonsoo Yang, Scott Klemmer (Stanford University): "Design As Exploration: Creating Interface Alternatives through Parallel Authoring and Runtime Tuning "

UIST'07 best paper award
Steve Hodges, Shahram Izadi, Alex Butler, Alban Rrustemi, Bill Buxton: “ThinSight: Versatile Multi-touch Sensing for Thin Form-factor Displays”

UIST '06 best paper award
Björn Hartmann, Scott Klemmer, Michael Bernstein, Leith Abdulla, Brandon Burr, Avi Robinson-Mosher, and Jennifer Gee for their paper Reflective Physical Prototyping through Integrated Design, Test, and Analysis

UIST '06 best student paper award
Anastasia Bezeranios, Pierre Dragicevic, and Ravin Balakrishnan for their paper Mnemonic Rendering: An Image-Based Approach for Exposing Hidden Changes in Dynamic Displays

UIST'05 best paper award:
Michael Bolin, Matthew Webber, Philip Rha, Tom Wilson, Robert Miller: Automation and Customization of Rendered Web Pages

UIST '04 best paper awards:
Georg Apitz & François Guimbretière (University of Maryland): CrossY: A Crossing-Based Drawing Application
Tovi Grossman, Daniel Wigdor, Ravin Balakrishnan (University of Toronto): Multi-Finger Gestural Interaction with 3D Volumetric Displays

UIST '03 best paper award:
Eric Saund, David Fleet, Daniel Larner, James Mahoney (Palo Alto Research Center): "Perceptually-Supported Image Editing of Text and Graphics"

UIST '03 best student paper:
Bongwon Suh, Haibin Ling, Ben Bederson, and David Jacobs (University of Maryland): "Automatic Thumbnail Cropping and its Effectiveness"

UIST '02 best paper award:
Takeo Igarashi (University of Tokyo) & John F. Hughes (Brown University) "Clothing Manipulation "

UIST '02 best student paper:
Haowei Hsieh, Frank Shipman (Texas A&M University): "Manipulating Structured Information in a Visual Workspace,"

UIST '01 best paper award:
Saul Greenberg and Chester Fitchett (University of Calgary): "Phidgets: Easy Development of Physical Interfaces through Physical Widgets"

UIST '01 best student paper
Blaine Bell, Steven Feiner and Tobias Hoellerer (Columbia University): "View Management for Virtual and Augmented Reality"

UIST '00 best paper award
Ken Hinckley, Jeff Pierce, Mike Sinclair, and Eric Horvitz (Microsoft Research): "Sensing Techniques for Mobile Interaction"

UIST '96: best paper award
Alan Borning, Richard Anderson, and Bjorn Freeman-Benson (University of Washington): "Indigo: A Local Propagation Algorithm for Inequality Constraints"

Past keynote speakers

UIST '08
Dan Olsen (BYU)
Cynthia Breazeal (MIT)

UIST '07
David Woods Measuring How Design Changes Cognition at Work
Jeremy Wolfe Capturing the user’s attention: Insights from the study of human vision

UIST '06
Computing Versus Human Thinking Peter Naur (University of Copenhagen)

UIST '05
Personal Computing in the 21st Century, Gary Starkweather

UIST '04:
Mary Czerwinski (Microsoft Research): Theory-driven design in HCI (slides)

UIST '03:
Ben Shneiderman (University of Maryland): Creative Support Tools: A grand Challenge for Interface Designers
Sandra Marshall (UC San Diego): New Techniques for Evaluating Innovative Interfaces for Eye-tracking

UIST '02:
Peter Wegner (Brown University): Models of Interactive Computation
Jakub Wejchert (European Commission): The Disappearing Computer
Tony R. Martinez (Brigham Young University): Introduction to Machine Learning and Neural Networks

UIST '01:
Jef Raskin: Making Machines Fit for Human Consumption
Miguel Nicolelis (Duke University): Building Brain-machine Interfaces to Restore Neurological Functions

UIST '00:
Eric Brewer (Berkeley): User Interfaces in the Infrastructure Age
James D. Foley (Yamacraw): Economic Development--The New University Imperative

UIST '99:
Seth Rosenthal (Industrial Light + Magic): Motion Capture for Feature Films: Challenges in Using Actors as Input for Digital Character Animation
Turner Whitted (Microsoft Research): Technologies for Computing Off the Desktop

UIST '98:
Jim Waldo (Sun Microsystems): The Jini Approach to Distributed Computing
Adele Goldberg (Neometron): Storytelling, Ping Pong, and Improvisation

UIST '97:
John Sibert (George Washington University): Banff to Banff: A UISTful Restrospective
Jim Kajiya (Microsoft Research): Flows in the Convergence of Television and Computing

UIST '96:
James Gosling (SUN): Java: a Language Driven by a UI Vision
Fred Brooks (UNC Chapel Hill): 3-D User Interfaces: When Results Matter

UIST '95:
Maria Klawe (University of British Columbia): Is Edutainment an Oxymoron?
Jim Morris (Carnegie Mellon University): Effective User Interfaces
Bill Buxton (Alias Research): Proximal Sensing: Supporting Context Sensitive Interaction

UIST '94
Don Norman (Apple Computer): Trends in the Computer Industry: Life-Long Subscriptions, Magical Cures, and Profits Along the Information Highway
Mark Weiser (Xerox PARC): Creating the Invisible Interface

UIST '93:
Terry Winograd (Stanford University and Interval Research): From Virtual Reality to Real Virtualities: Designing the Worlds In Which We Live
Bruce Tognazzini (SunSoft): CyberSpace in the New Millennium

UIST '92:
Raj Reddy (Carnegie Mellon): User Interfaces in GigaPC Environments
Tony Hoeber (GO Corporation): Bringing the Computer into the World

UIST '91:
Robert S. Williges (Virginia Tech): Software Interfaces for Users with Special Needs
Andries van Dam (Brown University): Escaping Flatland

UIST '90:
Stuart Card (Xerox PARC): Information Workspaces
Elaine Rich (MCC AI Lab): Natural Language for Natural Access to Text Data Bases

UIST '89:
Jim Thomas (Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories)
Jaron Lanier (VPL Research)

ACM UIST Father of UIST Award

2007 Presented to Dan R. Olsen Jr.