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Program: 7-10 October 2007

Sunday, October 7, 2007                                 Back to top

8:00am-6:00pm Doctoral Symposium, by invitation only (Collonade Room)
5:00pm-9:00pm Registration  (Bellevue Ballroom Foyer)
5:00pm-9:00pm Welcome Reception  (Bellevue Ballroom) sponsored by MERL

Monday, October 8, 2007                                 Back to top

8:00am Registration & Continental Breakfast 
9:00-9:15am Opening Remarks by Conference Chair Chia Shen (Viking Ballroom)
9:15-10:15am Keynote by David Woods (Viking Ballroom)
"Measuring How Design Changes Cognition at Work"
Session Chair: Daniel M. Russell, Google
10:30-11:00am Morning Break, sponsored by Intel
11:00am-12:30pm (all paper sessions in Viking Ballroom)

Papers Session 1: Search Interfaces
Chair: Dan Olsen, Brigham Young University

SearchTogether: An Interface for Collaborative Web Search
Meredith Morris, Eric Horvitz
Microsoft Research

Assieme: Finding and Leveraging Implicit References in a Web Search Interface for Programmers
Raphael Hoffmann, James Fogarty, Daniel S. Weld
University of Washington

The Re:Search Engine: Simultaneous Support for Finding and Re-Finding
Jaime Teevan
Microsoft Research>  

12:30-12:45pm Unveiling 20th Anniversary Interactive Visualization & Commemorative Video
Introduction by Michel Beaudouin-Lafon and Wendy Mackay
12:45-2:00pm Catered Lunch, sponsored by SMART Technologies

The 20th Anniversary Interactive Visualization will be available for interactive usage.

2:00-3:30pm    Papers Session 2: Novel Interactions
Chair: Andy Wilson, Microsoft Research

Eyepatch: Prototyping Camera-based Interaction through Examples
Dan Maynes-Aminzade, Terry Winograd
Stanford University
Takeo Igarashi
University of Tokyo

Multi-User Interaction using Handheld Projectors
Xiang Cao
University of Toronto
Clifton Forlines
Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs & University of Toronto
Ravin Balakrishnan
University of Toronto

Tech Note: Shadow Reaching: A New Perspective on Interaction for Large Displays
Garth Shoemaker, Anthony Tang, Kellogg Booth
University of British Columbia

Tech Note: Hybrid Infrared and Visible Light Projection for Location Tracking
Johnny Lee
Carnegie Mellon University & Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
Scott Hudson
Carnegie Mellon University
Paul Dietz
Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs  

3:30-4:00pm Afternoon break, sponsored by Adobe Systems
4:00-5:30pm    Papers Session 3: Web
Chair: Meredith Morris, Microsoft Research

Relations, Cards, and Search Templates: UserGuided Web Data Integration and Layout
Mira Dontcheva
University of Washington
Steven Drucker
Microsoft LiveLabs
David Salesin
Adobe Systems & University of Washington
Michael Cohen
Microsoft Research

OPA Browser: A Web Browser for Cellular Phone Users
Yuki Arase, Takahiro Hara
Osaka University
Toshiaki Uemukai
KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.
Shojiro Nishio
Osaka University

Smart Bookmarks: Automatic Retroactive Macro Recording on the Web
Darris Hupp, Robert Miller
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

5:30-6:15pm 1-Minute Madness
Chair: Daniel Wigdor

A fast preview of this year's demos, posters, and doctoral symposium contributions.  

7:00-10:00pm Demo & Poster Reception (Bellevue room), sponsored by Google

Tuesday, October 9, 2007                                 Back to top

8:00am Registration & Continental Breakfast 
9:00-10:30am Papers Session 4: Tagging, Finding, and Timing
Chair: Wendy Mackay, INRIA

Socially Augmenting Employee Profiles with People-tagging
Stephen Farrell, Tessa Lau, Stefan Nusser, Eric Wilcox
IBM Almaden Research
Michael Muller
IBM Research

Continuum: Designing Timelines for Hierarchies, Relationships and Scale
Paul André, Max L. Wilson, Alistair Russell, Daniel A. Smith, Alisdair Owens, m.c. schraefel
University of Southampton

Tech Note: QuME: A Mechanism to Support Expertise Finding In Online Help-seeking Communities
Jun Zhang, Mark Ackerman, Lada Adamic, Kevin Nam
University of Michigan

Tech Note: Rethinking the Progress Bar
Chris Harrison
Carnegie Mellon University & AT&T Labs-Research
Brian Amento
AT&T Labs-Research
Stacey Kuznetsov
New York University
Robert Bell
AT&T Labs-Research

10:30-11:00am Morning Break
11:00am-12:30pm Papers Session 5:  Efficient UI
Chair: Daniel Wigdor, University of Toronto

SketchWizard: Wizard of Oz Prototyping of Pen-based User Interfaces
Richard Davis
University of California, Berkeley
Scott Saponas
University of Washington
Michael Shilman
no affiliation
James Landay
University of Washington

RubberEdge: Reducing Clutching by Combining Position and Rate Control with Elastic Feedback
Géry Casiez
University of Lille
Daniel Vogel
University of Toronto
Qing Pan, Christophe Chaillou
University of Lille

Enabling Efficient Orienteering Behavior in Webmail Clients
Stefan Nusser, Julian Cerruti, Eric Wilcox, Steve Cousins, Jerald Schoudt
IBM Almaden Research  

12.30-1:45pm Lunch break  
1:45-3:00pm Papers Session 6:  Sensing and Recognition
Chair: James Landay, University of Washington

Robust, Lowcost, Nonintrusive Sensing and Recognition of Seated Postures
Bilge Mutlu, Andreas Krause, Jodi Forlizzi, Carlos Guestrin, Jessica Hodgins
Carnegie Mellon University

Gestures without Libraries, Toolkits or Training: A $1 Recognizer for User Interface Prototypes
Jacob O. Wobbrock
University of Washington
Andrew D. Wilson
Microsoft Research
Yang Li
University of Washington

Tech Note: Two-Finger Input with a Standard Touch Screen
Joern Loviscach
Hochschule Bremen

3:00-3:30pm Coffee break
3:30-4:30pm Keynote by Jeremy Wolfe (Viking Ballroom)
"Capturing the user’s attention: Insights from the study of human vision"
4:30-5:30pm  Papers Session 7:  Manipulation
Chair: Maneesh Agrawala, University of California, Berkeley

Bubble Clusters: An Interface for Manipulating Spatial Aggregation of Graphical Objects
Nayuko Watanabe
Toshiba Corporation
Motoi Washida, Takeo Igarashi
The University of Tokyo

Tech Note: Dirty desktops: Using a patina of magnetic mouse dust to make common interactor targets easier to select
Amy Hurst, Jennifer Mankoff, Anind K. Dey, Scott E. Hudson
Carnegie Mellon University

Tech Note: Boomerang: Suspendable Drag-and-Drop Interactions Based on a Throw-and-Catch Metaphor
Masatomo Kobayashi, Takeo Igarashi
The University of Tokyo  

6:00pm Viking Trolley narrated tour to Belle Mer
(departs every 20min and the ride takes 20min, show your UIST badge instead of a ticket)  
6:30-10:00pm Conference Banquet at Belle Mer, sponsored by Microsoft
with 20th Anniversary Special Programs  

Wednesday: October 10, 2007                                 Back to top

8:00am Registration & Continental Breakfast 
9:00-10:30am Papers Session 8: Wither the GUI
Chair: Celine Latulipe, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Gui Phooey: The Case for Text Input
Max van Kleek, Michael Bernstein, David Karger
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
m.c. schraefel
University of Southampton

Graphstract: Minimal Graphical Help for Computers
Jeff Huang, Michael Twidale
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Tech Note: Gaze-enhanced Scrolling Techniques
Manu Kumar, Terry Winograd
Stanford University

Tech Note: BLUI: Low-cost Localized Blowable User Interfaces
Shwetak Patel, Gregory Abowd
Georgia Institute of Technology  

10:30-11:00am Morning break
11:00am-12:30pm Papers Session 9: Adaptation & Examples
Chair: Géry Casiez University of Lille

Specifying Label Layout Style by Example
Ian Vollick, Daniel Vogel
University of Toronto
Maneesh Agrawala
University of California, Berkeley
Aaron Hertzmann
University of Toronto

Automatically Generating User Interfaces Adapted To Users' Motor And Vision Capabilities
Krzysztof Gajos, Jacob Wobbrock, Daniel Weld
University of Washington

Programming by a Sample: Rapidly Prototyping Web Applications with d.mix
Bjoern Hartmann, Leslie Wu, Kevin Collins, Scott Klemmer
Stanford University  

12:30-2:00pm Catered Lunch, sponsored by SAP
Panel on Evaluating Interface Systems Research
Panel Chair: Dan Olsen
Panelists: Dan Olsen, Scott Hudson, James Landay, Saul Greenberg
2:00-3:30pm Papers Session 10: Novel Displays and Interaction
Chair: Clifton Forlines, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories

ThinSight: Versatile Multi-touch Sensing for Thin Form-factor Displays
Steve Hodges, Shahram Izadi, Alex Butler, Alban Rrustemi, Bill Buxton
Microsoft Research

LucidTouch: A See-Through Mobile Device
Daniel Wigdor, Clifton Forlines
Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs & University of Toronto
Patrick Baudisch
Microsoft Research
John Barnwell, Chia Shen
Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs

E-conic: a Perspective-Aware Interface for Multi-Display Environments
Miguel Nacenta University of Saskatchewan
Satoshi Sakurai, Tokuo Yamaguchi, Yohei Miki, Yuichi Itoh, Yoshifumi Kitamura
Osaka University
Sriram Subramanian
Philips Research Eindhoven
Carl Gutwin
University of Saskatchewan  

3:30-4:00pm Town Hall Meeting and introducing UIST 2008
4:00-5:00pm Coffee break: Hand-off to IEEE TableTop


Demos & Posters: Monday, October 8, 2007, 7pm -10pm


Enhancing Document Navigation Tasks With a Dual-Display Electronic Reader
Nicholas Chen, Francois Guimbretiere
University of Maryland, College Park
Maneesh Agrawala
University of California, Berkeley
Cassandra Lewis
University of Maryland, College Park

A Demonstration of the OpenInterface Interaction Development Environment
Philip Gray, Andrew Ramsay
Computing Science Dept, University of Glasgow, UK
Marcos Serrano
CLIPS-IMAG, Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France

RealSound Interaction: A Novel Interaction Method Using Sound Events in Real World
Mai Otsuki
Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University
Asako Kimura
Research Organization of Science & Engineering, Ritsumeikan University; PRESTO, Japan Science and Technology Agency
Takanobu Nishiura, Fumihisa Shibata, Hideyuki Tamura
Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University

LifeTag: A WiFi-based Location Life-Logging Device
Jun Rekimoto
The University of Tokyo / Sony CSL
Takashi Miyaki
The University of Tokyo
Takaaki Ishizawa
Keio University

Giornata: Re-Envisioning the Desktop Metaphor to Support Activities in Knowledge Work
Stephen Voida, Elizabeth D. Mynatt, W. Keith Edwards
GVU Center, Georgia Institute of Technology

FlexibleBrush: A realistic brush stroke experience with a virtual nib
Keita Watanabe, Michiaki Yasumura
Keio University, Graduate School of Media and Governance


Reflect: A Table for Self-Regulation in Face-to-Face Meetings
Khaled Bachour, Frdric Kaplan, Pierre Dillenbourg
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

Pointer: Multiple Collocated Display Inputs Suggests New Models for Program Design and Debugging
Marcello Basta-Forte, Ron Yeh, Scott R. Klemmer
Stanford University

PhotoPlay: A Collocated Collaborative Photo Tagging Game on a Horizontal Display
Nicholas Diakopoulos
Georgia Institute of Technology
Patrick Chiu
FX Palo Alto Laboratory

Human-Computer Interaction and Brain Measurement Using Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Leanne M. Hirshfield, Audrey Girouard, Erin Treacy Solovey, Robert J.K. Jacob, Angelo Sassaroli, Yunjie Tong, Sergio Fantini
Tufts University

DigiPost: Writing on Post-its with Digital Pen to Support Collaborative Editing Tasks on Tabletop Displays
Hao Jiang
Tsinghua University
Ron Yeh, Terry Winograd
Stanford University
Yuanchun Shi
Tsinghua University

Automatically Correcting Typing Errors for People with Motor Impairments
Shaun K. Kane, Jacob O. Wobbrock
University of Washington

A Visually Attractive Interaction Device Suitable for Living Spaces
Teruhide Kusaka, Hiroaki Kimura, Fahim Kawsar, Tatsuo Nakajima
Waseda University

A System for Recognizing and Beautifying Low-level Sketch Shapes Using NDDE and DCR
Brandon Paulson, Tracy Hammond
Texas A&M University

Fisheye Keyboard: Whole Keyboard Displayed on Small Device
Mathieu Raynal
Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse Jean-Luc Vinot
Philippe Truillet
Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse

ShapeShift: A Projector-Guided Sculpture System
Christopher Skeels, James Rehg
Georgia Institute of Technology

NARC: The News Article Revision Comparator
Aaron St. Clair, Matthew Fong, Nicholas Diakopoulos, Irfan Essa
Georgia Institute of Technology

Using Shared Knowledge for Online Photo Access Control
Michael Toomim, Xianhang Zhang
University of Washington

Joint-Construction of Graphical Representations in a Collaborative Tabletop Environment
Guillaume Zufferey, Patrick Jermann, Pierre Dillenbourg
Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne

Doctoral Symposium: Sunday, October 7, 2007, 8am-6pm

3D Tabletop Display Interaction
Mark Hancock
University of Calgary

Informed Browsing: Scaling Up Co-Experienced Access to Digital Media
Otmar Hilliges
University of Munich

Exploiting Extra Spatial Information to Improve Everyday Graphical User Interface Operations
Masatomo Kobayashi
The University of Tokyo

Projector-Based Location Discovery and Tracking
Johnny Lee
Carnegie Mellon University

Interface and Infrastructure Design for Ubiquitous Pen-based Interaction on Paper
Chunyuan Liao
University of Maryland, College Park

Interactive Visual Prototyping of Computer Vision Applications
Dan Maynes-Aminzade
Stanford University

Visualizing, Editing, and Inferring Structure in 2D Graphics
Sara Su
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Privacy Mechanisms for Context-Aware, Group-based Mobile Social Software
Karen Tang
Carnegie Mellon University

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