Past UISTs

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Previous UISTs

2004 Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (ACM Order #429042)
2003 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (ACM Order #429032)
2002 Paris, France (ACM Order #429022)
2001 Orlando, FL, USA (ACM Order #429012)
2000 San Diego, CA, USA (ACM Order #429002)
1999 Asheville, NC, USA (ACM Order #429992)
1998 San Francisco, CA, USA (ACM Order #429982)
1997 Banff, Alberta, Canada (ACM Order #429972)
1996 Seattle, WA, USA (ACM Order #429962)
1995 Pittsburgh, PA, USA (ACM Order #429952)
1994 Marina del Rey, CA, USA (ACM Order #429946)
1993 Atlanta, GA, USA (ACM Order #429936)
1992 Monterey, CA, USA (ACM Order #429923)
1991 Hilton Head, SC, USA (ACM Order #429913)
1990 Snowbird, UT, USA (ACM Order #429902)
1989 Williamsburg, VA, USA (ACM Order #429892)
1988 Banff, Alberta, Canada (ACM Order #429881)

Past Pre-UIST Conferences and Workshops

Software Tools UI Management - 1986, Seattle, WA, USA (Computer Graphics, Vol. 21, No. 2)

Workshop on UIMS - 1983, Seeheim, Germany (User Interface Management Systems, G. Pfaff (ed.), Springer-Verlag, 1985)

GIIT Workshop - 1982, Seattle, WA, USA (Computer Graphics, Vol. 17, No. 1)



UIST '05: Lasting Impact Award
Gordon Kurtenbach and Bill Buxton for their UIST 1991 paper "Issues in Combining Marking and Direct Manipulation Techniques"

UIST '04: Lasting Impact Award
Bay-Wei Chang for his work on Animation, from cartoons to the user interface

UIST '03: Lasting Impact Award
Pierre Wellner for his early work on DigitalDesk

Past best paper awards

UIST'05 best paper award:
Michael Bolin, Matthew Webber, Philip Rha, Tom Wilson, Robert Miller: Automation and Customization of Rendered Web Pages

UIST '04 best paper awards:
Georg Apitz & François Guimbretière (University of Maryland): CrossY: A Crossing-Based Drawing Application
Tovi Grossman, Daniel Wigdor, Ravin Balakrishnan (University of Toronto): Multi-Finger Gestural Interaction with 3D Volumetric Displays

UIST '03 best paper award:
Eric Saund, David Fleet, Daniel Larner, James Mahoney (Palo Alto Research Center): "Perceptually-Supported Image Editing of Text and Graphics"

UIST '03 best student paper:
Bongwon Suh, Haibin Ling, Ben Bederson, and David Jacobs (University of Maryland): "Automatic Thumbnail Cropping and its Effectiveness"

UIST '02 best paper award:
Takeo Igarashi (University of Tokyo) & John F. Hughes (Brown University) "Clothing Manipulation "

UIST '02 best student paper:
Haowei Hsieh, Frank Shipman (Texas A&M University): "Manipulating Structured Information in a Visual Workspace,"

UIST '01 best paper award:
Saul Greenberg and Chester Fitchett (University of Calgary): "Phidgets: Easy Development of Physical Interfaces through Physical Widgets"

UIST '01 best student paper
Blaine Bell, Steven Feiner and Tobias Hoellerer (Columbia University): "View Management for Virtual and Augmented Reality"

UIST '00 best paper award
Ken Hinckley, Jeff Pierce, Mike Sinclair, and Eric Horvitz (Microsoft Research): "Sensing Techniques for Mobile Interaction"

UIST '96: best paper award
Alan Borning, Richard Anderson, and Bjorn Freeman-Benson (University of Washington): "Indigo: A Local Propagation Algorithm for Inequality Constraints"

Past keynote speakers

UIST '04:
Mary Czerwinski (Microsoft Research): Theory-driven design in HCI (slides)

UIST '03:
Ben Shneiderman (University of Maryland): Creative Support Tools: A grand Challenge for Interface Designers
Sandra Marshall (UC San Diego): New Techniques for Evaluating Innovative Interfaces for Eye-tracking

UIST '02:
Peter Wegner (Brown University): Models of Interactive Computation
Jakub Wejchert (European Commission): The Disappearing Computer
Tony R. Martinez (Brigham Young University): Introduction to Machine Learning and Neural Networks

UIST '01:
Jef Raskin: Making Machines Fit for Human Consumption
Miguel Nicolelis (Duke University): Building Brain-machine Interfaces to Restore Neurological Functions

UIST '00:
Eric Brewer (Berkeley): User Interfaces in the Infrastructure Age
James D. Foley (Yamacraw): Economic Development--The New University Imperative

UIST '99:
Seth Rosenthal (Industrial Light + Magic): Motion Capture for Feature Films: Challenges in Using Actors as Input for Digital Character Animation
Turner Whitted (Microsoft Research): Technologies for Computing Off the Desktop

UIST '98:
Jim Waldo (Sun Microsystems): The Jini Approach to Distributed Computing
Adele Goldberg (Neometron): Storytelling, Ping Pong, and Improvisation

UIST '97:
John Sibert (George Washington University): Banff to Banff: A UISTful Restrospective
Jim Kajiya (Microsoft Research): Flows in the Convergence of Television and Computing

UIST '96:
James Gosling (SUN): Java: a Language Driven by a UI Vision
Fred Brooks (UNC Chapel Hill): 3-D User Interfaces: When Results Matter

UIST '95:
Maria Klawe (University of British Columbia): Is Edutainment an Oxymoron?
Jim Morris (Carnegie Mellon University): Effective User Interfaces
Bill Buxton (Alias Research): Proximal Sensing: Supporting Context Sensitive Interaction

UIST '94
Don Norman (Apple Computer): Trends in the Computer Industry: Life-Long Subscriptions, Magical Cures, and Profits Along the Information Highway
Mark Weiser (Xerox PARC): Creating the Invisible Interface

UIST '93:
Terry Winograd (Stanford University and Interval Research): From Virtual Reality to Real Virtualities: Designing the Worlds In Which We Live
Bruce Tognazzini (SunSoft): CyberSpace in the New Millennium

UIST '92:
Raj Reddy (Carnegie Mellon): User Interfaces in GigaPC Environments
Tony Hoeber (GO Corporation): Bringing the Computer into the World

UIST '91:
Robert S. Williges (Virginia Tech): Software Interfaces for Users with Special Needs
Andries van Dam (Brown University): Escaping Flatland

UIST '90:
Stuart Card (Xerox PARC): Information Workspaces
Elaine Rich (MCC AI Lab): Natural Language for Natural Access to Text Data Bases

UIST '89:
Jim Thomas (Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories)
Jaron Lanier (VPL Research)


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