UIST '02

Paris, France


15th annual symposium

27-30 oct. 2002

User Interface Software &Technology




Inivted Speakers

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Opening Plenary

Peter Wegner
Brown University

Models of Interactive Computation

The talk will open with a brief outline of aspects of my career, including work on programming languages, software engineering and object-oriented programming. I will present my approach to programming languages, software engineering technology, and object-oriented programming methods as tools for problem-solving.

Next, I will review Turing's work in the 1930s on Turing machines and the Church-Turing thesis, and its mistaken adoption in the1960s as a universal model of computer problem-solving. This will be followed by a review of my recent papers dealing with interactive computation as a more expressive paradigm than that of Turing machines, better able to express problem-solving in software technology and user interfaces.

The audience will be invited to propose new principles for modeling interactive computation, that will benefit problem-solving in user interfaces and interactive software technology.

Closing Plenary

Jakub Wejchert
European Commission

The Disappearing Computer

The Disappearing Computer reseach programme was set up in 2000 by the Future and Emerging Technologies programme of the European Commission. The aim is to explore supporting human activites by the diffusion of IT capabilties into everyday settings and environments.

I will talk and give examples of some of the existing work being carried out; make reference to some of previous and related work on i3, and also point to some of the future directions such as "Disappearing Computer 2" that will attempt to bring together advances on ambient systems through work on architectures and underlying frameworks.

Invited Survey

Tony R. Martinez
Brigham Young University

Introduction to Machine Learning and Neural Networks

Invited Survey

James L. Crowley

Introduction to Computer Vision for Man Machine Inteaction