Technique Notes ("TechNotes") are new to UIST this year. They offer an opportunity to disseminate important new interaction and visualization techniques that are not substantial enough to warrant a full-length paper. A TechNote should be at most 2 ACM conference pages long. Accepted TechNotes will be published in the proceedings and presented at the conference. We envision that the heart of a TechNote will not be exhaustive implementation details or user studies, but rather sufficient supporting audiovisual material (screen dumps in the paper, and video/audio in the conference presentation) to convince the reader that the technique is worthwhile and to explain how to replicate it. (For those familiar with the ACM Transactions on Graphics, a TechNote can be thought of as a "conference version" of an "Interaction Technique Notebook" article.)

Submissions must be received by the TechNotes chair no later than April 18, 1994. FAX cannot be used for submission. Authors will be notified of acceptance by June 30, 1994.

TechNotes Chair : Marc H. Brown

                                            DEC Systems Research Center
 					130 Lytton Ave.
					Palo Alto, CA 94301
					+1 415-853-2152
					(email is preferred to phoning)
					FAX: +1 415-853-2104