Panels offer an opportunity to exchange ideas in an atmosphere that reflects the workshop origins of the symposium. Suggested topics are the same as for submitted papers. Of special interest would be panels about "success stories" --successful user interfaces and the techniques and tools by which they were developed, and panels about the difficulties of converting promising research ideas into actual commercial products. We also encourage submissions from outside North America.

Panel selection will be based on the importance, originality, focus, and timeliness of the topic, as well as the potential for informative (and even controversial) discussion. Panels should have no more than five members, including the chair, and should last from one to one-and-one-half hours. No more than half of the total time will be allowed for position statements by panelists.

A panel proposal should be no more than two pages in length. It should include:

Submissions must be received by the panel chair no later than April 18, 1994. FAX cannot be used for submission. Authors will be notified of acceptance by June 30, 1994.

Panels Chair : George Robertson

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                             (email is preferred to phoning)
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