Symposium Chair Pedro Szekely

USC/ISI 4676 Admiralty Way Marina del Rey, CA 90292 Phone: +1 310-822-1511 (email is preferred to phoning) FAX: +1 310-823-6714 E-mail:

Program Chair Steve Feiner

Columbia University 450 Computer Science Building 500 West 120th St., New York, NY 10027, USA Phone: +1 212 939-7083 E-mail:

Program Committee:

Marc H. Brown, DEC Systems Research Center Deborah Hix, Virginia Tech Rob Jacob, Tufts University David Kurlander, Microsoft Research Henry Lieberman, MIT Marilyn Mantei, University of Toronto Satoshi Matsuoka, University of Tokyo George Robertson, Xerox PARC Chris Schmandt, MIT

Panels Chair:

George Robertson, Xerox PARC

Demos Chair:

Tyson Henry, University of New Mexico

TechNotes Chair:

Marc H. Brown, DEC Systems Research Center

Registration Chair:

Terry Bleser, Consultant


Bob Braudes, Harbor Software

Publicity Chair:

Noi Sukaviriya, Georgia Institute of Technology

Student Volunteer Coordinator:

Ping Luo, USC/ISI

ACM Liason:

Diane Darrow, ACM