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UIST '06 - Adjunct Proceedings of the 19th annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

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Table of Contents:plus

Session: doctoral consortium

How to Model, Evaluate and Generate Interaction Techniques?

Who, What, and When: Supporting Interpersonal Communication over Instant Messaging

Personalized Adaptive Interfaces

Interface Design for Single-Handed Use of Small Devices

A Study on Software Tools for Flexible Presentations

From Cognitive Artifacts to Social Artifacts: The iDeas Design Ecology

Multimodal Co-located Collaboration

All in a Day's Work: User Interface Design for Multitasking, Resource Organization, and Collaboration in Knowledge Work

Session: demos

ControlTree: Navigating and Selecting in a Large Tree

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Navigation Techniques for Zoomable Treemaps

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Elcano, a Tangible Personal Multimedia Browser

Exploring Multi-Device Task Management with the Collaboration Annex

Entertaible: Multi-user multi-object concurrent input

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MoreWheel: Multimode Scroll-Wheeling Depending on the Cursor Location

Using Spatial Representation to Control Accesses and Interruptions

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LIFT-THE-FLAP: A toolkit to realize interactive paper books

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MapTop: Behavior as Context in a Digital Exhibition Guide

MyMemodules: a Graphical Toolkit for the Easy Creation of Personal TUI

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TJASS, a smart board for augmenting card game playing and learning

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Drag-and-Guess: Drag-and-Drop with Prediction

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Phong, augmenting virtual and real gaming experience

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Camera-based Flicking Gesture Recognition and Game Applications

Exploring Interaction with Multi User Speech and Whole Handed Gestures on a Digital Table

Distributed and Adaptable Home Control Interface with VoodooIO

Session: posters

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Lash-Ups: A Toolkit for Location-Aware Mash-Ups

Exploring Multi-Device Task Management with the Collaboration Annex

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The Equator Component Toolkit: Managing digital information flow in the home

Interface Components for Monitoring Security Video

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MatrixView: Extending Immersion in Video Conferencing

Shepherd: A Mobile Interface for Robot Control from a User's Viewpoint

Face-to-face Single Display Groupware Encouraging Positive Participation

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iJITinOffice: Desktop Environment Enabling Integration of Paper and Electronic Documents

Augmenting Emotional Interaction Through Physical Movement

An Intelligent City Guide with a "Metal Detector" Interface

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Interactive Machine Learning tool with Automatic Tagging for Video Recognition System

LeafView: A User Interface for Automated Botanical Species Identification and Data Collection

Mash-ups Considered Harmful! Composition and Choreography of Web Components