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projector-based tracking

In Proceedings of UIST 2007
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Hybrid infrared and visible light projection for location tracking (p. 57-60)

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A number of projects within the computer graphics, computer vision, and human-computer interaction communities have recognized the value of using projected structured light patterns for the purposes of doing range finding, location dependent data delivery, projector adaptation, or object discovery and tracking. However, most of the work exploring these concepts has relied on visible structured light patterns resulting in a caustic visual experience. In this work, we present the first design and implementation of a high-resolution, scalable, general purpose invisible near-infrared projector that can be manufactured in a practical manner. This approach is compatible with simultaneous visible light projection and integrates well with future Digital Light Processing (DLP) projector designs -- the most common type of projectors today. By unifying both the visible and non-visible pattern projection into a single device, we can greatly simply the implementation and execution of interactive projection systems. Additionally, we can inherently provide location discovery and tracking capabilities that are unattainable using other approaches.