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drawing program

In Proceedings of UIST 1996
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A new direct manipulation technique for aligning objects in drawing programs (p. 157-164)

In Proceedings of UIST 1997
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Interactive beautification: a technique for rapid geometric design (p. 105-114)

program visualization

In Proceedings of UIST 1993
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Algorithm animation using 3D interactive graphics (p. 93-100)

In Proceedings of UIST 1995
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Using information murals in visualization applications (p. 73-74)

In Proceedings of UIST 2006
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Viz: a visual analysis suite for explaining local search behavior (p. 57-66)

In Proceedings of UIST 2008
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An application-independent system for visualizing user operation history (p. 23-32)

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A history-of-user-operations function helps make applications easier to use. For example, users may have access to an operation history list in an application to undo or redo a past operation. To provide an overview of a long operation history and help users find target interactions or application states quickly, visual representations of operation history have been proposed. However, most previous systems are tightly integrated with target applications and difficult to apply to new applications. We propose an application-independent method that can visualize the operation history of arbitrary GUI applications by monitoring the input and output GUI events from outside of the target application. We implemented a prototype system that visualizes operation sequences of generic Java Awt/Swing applications using an annotated comic strip metaphor. We tested the system with various applications and present results from a user study.