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automatic video clip extraction

web content extraction

In Proceedings of UIST 2007
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Relations, cards, and search templates: user-guided web data integration and layout (p. 61-70)

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We present three new interaction techniques for aiding users in collecting and organizing Web content. First, we demonstrate an interface for creating associations between websites, which facilitate the automatic retrieval of related content. Second, we present an authoring interface that allows users to quickly merge content from many different websites into a uniform and personalized representation, which we call a card. Finally, we introduce a novel search paradigm that leverages the relationships in a card to direct search queries to extract relevant content from multiple Web sources and fill a new series of cards instead of just returning a list of webpage URLs. Preliminary feedback from users is positive andvalidates our design.

web extraction

In Proceedings of UIST 2008
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Zoetrope: interacting with the ephemeral web (p. 239-248)

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The Web is ephemeral. Pages change frequently, and it is nearly impossible to find data or follow a link after the underlying page evolves. We present Zoetrope, a system that enables interaction with the historicalWeb (pages, links, and embedded data) that would otherwise be lost to time. Using a number of novel interactions, the temporal Web can be manipulated, queried, and analyzed from the context of familar pages. Zoetrope is based on a set of operators for manipulating content streams. We describe these primitives and the associated indexing strategies for handling temporal Web data. They form the basis of Zoetrope and enable our construction of new temporal interactions and visualizations.

webpage extraction pattern

In Proceedings of UIST 2006
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Summarizing personal web browsing sessions (p. 115-124)