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Dan Olsen

Dan Olsen has been a long time researcher in the field of interactive systems. His work includes user interface management systems, camera-based interactions, speech interfaces, human robot interaction and mobile computing. He has published numerous papers and two books on the topic. He was the founding editor for ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, a fellow of the ACM, a member of the CHI Academy and recipient of the CHI Lifetime Service Award. He has served on the faculties of Arizona State University and Carnegie Mellon University. He currently is a professor of Computer Science at Brigham Young University. He has served on the SIGCHI Executive Committee for many years and currently is Vice President of Publications for SIGCHI.

Keynote (Monday), October 20, 2008  
9:15 - 10:15 am
Interactive viscosity

Dan Olsen
Brigham Young University
cambridge, MA, USA


When the Macintosh first made graphical user interfaces popular the notion of each person having their own computer was novel. Today’s technology landscape is characterized by multiple computers per person many with far more capacity than that original Mac. The world of input devices, display devices and interactive techniques is far richer than those Macintosh days. Despite all of this diversity in possible interactions very few of these integrate well with each other. The monolithic isolated user interface architecture that characterized the Macintosh still dominates a great deal of today’s personal computing. This talk will explore possible ways to change that architecture so that information, interaction and communication flows more smoothly among our devices and those of our associates.