UIST '02

Paris, France


15th annual symposium

27-30 oct. 2002

User Interface Software &Technology





Be a sponsor for UIST 2002!

You are invited to support the UIST 2002 conference. This is an ideal way to demonstrate your organization's interest in and commitment to the field of user interface software and tools, and to publicize this support to many leaders and students in the field.

Corporate sponsor support is typically used to permit a greater number of graduate students to attend UIST at reduced fees without artificially increasing the general registration, and for student volunteers to receive complimentary registration. Corporate support can also be targeted to support a particular event or activity at the UIST Symposium. For example, you might finance the coffee breaks.

The conference recognizes two levels of contribution -- Corporate Benefactors and Corporate Sponsors. We urge you to consider becoming a Corporate Benefactor of UIST 2002. Benefactors are very important to the conference, and the conference committee ensures that their contribution is well recognized. We list the benefits below.

Sponsors ($2,500 U.S. / 2500 euro or greater contribution)

In recognition of your support at the "Sponsor" level, the UIST Symposium will acknowledge your corporate sponsorship in the following ways:

  • On the conference advance program, your name and logo will be used.
  • Your company name and logo will be included in all the conference announcements.
  • Your company name, logo and link will be included in the symposium web pages, maintained at http://www.acm.org/uist
  • We will announce your company's contribution and offer thanks at the opening and closing sessions of the conference.
  • You will have the opportunity to include material and give-aways with the conference material for each attendee.
  • You will get one free registration for someone from your company to attend the conference.

Benefactors ($5,000 U.S. / 5000 euro or greater contribution)

Corporate Benefactors receive all the benefits of sponsors as well as the following additional benefits:

  • Your name will be listed in all the material as a Benefactor. You will receive special acknowledgement as a benefactor in the conference announcements and publications.
  • We will name an event after your company. For example, there are generally six coffee breaks and two receptions, plus a student reception. Naming of events will be decided based on the amount of the contribution and otherwise on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • You will get one additional free registration (for a total of two) so two people from your company can attend the conference for free.


If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact:

Brad A. Myers
UIST 2002 Corporate Sponsors Chair
Human Computer Interaction Institute
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891
(412) 268-5150
FAX: (412) 268-1266