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UIST '04 - Adjunct Proceedings of the 17th annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

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2004 Proceedings cover
Table of Contents:plus

Session: posters

Workplane-Orientation-Sensing Techniques for Tablet PCs

Augmented Reality Kitchen: Task-Specific Projection in a Multi-User Work Environment

Interaction Design for the Media PC

Qualities of the Past - Telephones of the Future

A Negotiation Advisor

Improving User Interface Personalization

Stained Glass Photo Collages

Changes in Mental Workload During Task Execution

DataJockey: A Proposed Interface for Data Exchange Using the Lazy Susan Metaphor

WATARIDORI: Multiple Ghost Cursors for Speech-Based Cursor Movement

EnhancedMovie: Movie Editing on an Augmented Desk as a Large-Sized Display

Interactive, Immaterial FogScreen

Teaching with Tangibles: A Tool for Defining Dichotomous Sorting Activities

The Sharing Palette: A User Interface for File and Service Sharing

Session: demos

Article Picture

ProofRite: A Paper-Augmented Word Processor

Multimodal Feedback for Tilt Controlled Speed Dependent Automatic Zooming

MessyBoard: Lowering the Cost of Communication and Making it More Enjoyable

EyeWindows: Using Eye-Controlled Zooming Windows for Focus Selection

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Organizing Photos of People

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prefuse: a Toolkit for Interactive Information Visualization

MESH: Supporting Mobile Multi-Modal Interfaces

Regional Undo for Spreadsheets

Goromi: To Browse Information on the Web, Not Web Pages

Muscle Tremor as an Input Mechanism

A Demonstration of TouchLight, an Imaging Touch Screen and Display for Gesture-Based Interaction

Session: doctoral consortium

MessyBoard: Lowering the Cost of Communication and Making it More Enjoyable

Constructing and Evaluating Sensor-Based Statistical Models of Human Interruptibility

Pattern Matching on Stylus Keyboards: A Powerful Approach to Faster and Easier Pen-based Text Entry

Symmetric Interaction in the User Interface

Enhancing Support of Conversations by Improving Mobile Computing Input

Automatically Generating User Interfaces for Appliances

Grouping Techniques for 3D Conceptual Design

Interface Support for Set-Based Problem Solving